Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas

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You are engaged and of course you are going to need a bridal shower! To give your friends and family a few inspirational tips we have Megan’s backyard bridal shower ideas. Megan met her Irish fiance while living in England, and has been busy planning her upcoming wedding in Northern Ireland, primarily by herself. Meanwhile her three bridesmaids, who reside in Southern California, planned a gorgeous bridal shower for the bride during her visit home over the holidays.

The day is filled with simple yet stylish decorations that can easily be recreated to have a casual chic event. As always be sure to check out more details from this bridal shower in the full gallery, beautifully captured by Oz Visuals.

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We also love the idea of having a signature cocktail at your bridal shower like Megan’s friends did for her. They put together a super cute table with juice, sugar cubes and mint. Below is a tasty little cocktail recipe from Two Tarts that we think any gal would love to sip on this vanilla salt rimmed cocktail. Below is the recipe.

Minty Dog
1.5 oz grapefruit juice
1.5 oz gin (you can use vodka instead, I won’t judge)
mint sugar (recipe here)
1. Moisten the rim of your glass with some grapefruit juice. (The juice helps the sugar to adhere better than water does.)
2. Put mint sugar in a shallow dish and turn the glass over into the dish to coat the rim with sugar.
3. Pour grapefruit juice and gin over ice. (If you prefer it chilled and not over ice, you can shake juice and gin in a shaker and then strain into glass instead.)

minty dog cocktail

bridal shower ideas

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From the Bride:
When I moved abroad, I started a blog (because that is what you do) and little did I know that this little journal updating my family that I was still alive, would end up bringing the most amazing friendships into my life. This is what makes my shower so unique; it was packed full of bloggers who I had formed friendships with over the internet for the past three years, but had never actually met in real life. Girls flew from across the USA, having never met me, just to show their love and support.

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The shower was held at my Matron of Honors’ parent’s home in Santa Barbara, California. My bridesmaids brought in flowers from the LA Flower Market and did all of the arrangements themselves. Rentals from Casa De Perrin along with an array of delicious brunch treats, and of course some fancy cocktails, made this afternoon brunch a dream.

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wedding decor and details

bridal shower ideas

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sandwich bar

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play croquet

bring the groom to the shower

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Prop or Furniture Rentals: Casa De Perrin

Photographer: Oz Visuals
Hair: Natalie Paz from Argyle Salon & Spa
Makeup: Ariel Rhodes

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  1. -100. @MeganAcrossPond says:

    my cali shower is being featured on @weddingchicks today!! @ozvisuals @casadeperrin @heyeday @LivingMrJohnson :

  2. -100. Megan says:

    Thank you so much Wedding Chicks for featuring my beautiful shower! My girls did such a wonderful job and I am so thrilled to see all of their hard work showcased on your amazing site!!

  3. -100. @the_bonnierose says:

    RT @MeganAcrossPond: my cali shower is being featured on @weddingchicks today!! @ozvisuals @casadeperrin @heyeday @LivingMrJohnson :

  4. Muito bom, adorei das fotos e das ideias. Parece muito bem sucedido. Muito obgridao pelo Input. Eu vou pensar em estas ideias durante meu proximo evento !

  5. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    we are pretty positive that this bride felt special at her shower by @casadeperrin @MeganAcrossPond @ozvisuals (:

  6. -100. @casadeperrin says:

    RT @weddingchicks: we are pretty positive that this bride felt special at her shower by @casadeperrin @MeganAcrossPond @ozvisuals (:

  7. -100. @MeganAcrossPond says:

    RT @weddingchicks: we are pretty positive that this bride felt special at her shower by @casadeperrin @MeganAcrossPond @ozvisuals (:

  8. -100. @casadeperrin says:

    RT @MeganAcrossPond: my cali shower is being featured on @weddingchicks today!! @ozvisuals @casadeperrin @heyeday @LivingMrJohnson :

  9. -100. @michaela_noelle says:

    @MeganAcrossPond’s gorgeous bridal shower that I had the pleasure of attending is featured on @weddingchicks today!

  10. -100. Michaela says:

    This was such a fun day to be apart of. Megan is a complete doll and we couldn’t be more happy for her! The shower was stunning. Every detail was unique, girly and so Megan. How fun to see that picture of me playing croquet. I look oh-so-sporty ;) (Even though I’m really not at all!)

  11. -100. @katieokeefeblog says:

    I love this bridal shower on @weddingchicks featuring @meganacrosspond!

  12. -100. @MeganAcrossPond says:

    RT @katieokeefeblog: I love this bridal shower on @weddingchicks featuring @meganacrosspond!

  13. -100. Megs {meshkadesign} says:

    Cuute! really sweet shower with lovely feminine pallet of colours. And I will be definitely trying Minty Dog!

  14. -100. bridget says:

    LOVED this backyard shower.

  15. -100. Miriam says:

    A really cute bride & fun details for her shower! Lucky girl!

  16. -100. @beckoningdesign says:

    Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas

  17. -100. Shalyn Nelson says:

    YAYAYAY! LOVE IT! Everything looks just perfect! I’m so glad I got to be a part of this! <3

  18. -100. Kathy says:

    I was so delighted to see this site as my daughter is lives in England and she is planning her wedding in England. We live in Canada and want to throw her a shower as so many friends and family want to see her when she comes home and wish her well. Most of these people will not be attending the wedding. How do we politely ensure the shower guests understand that it is a money shower as the cost to ship gifts is just too much

  19. -100. Samantha Loring says:

    My Fiancé and I would love to win this!


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