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We are always coming across dapper looks for the groom and his men that we absolutely love, and today we are showing you how to replicate them with bows and ties from Brenton, our first groom had a whimsical yet polished look -a seer sucker suit paired with a pink and white striped tie was the perfect look for his bright and colorful wedding. You must see more of this wedding over on Southern Weddings all photographed by Kristyn Hogan Photography.

To emulate Brenton’s fun style, here are a few ties that we think he might love. Perhaps a Trendy Tie in Blue and White, or a Classic Light Blue Striped Tie. He might even love a Yellow Silk Tie in Lemon and Vanilla Stripe or a Silk Tie in Solid Golden-Yellow. We for sure know that he would love any of the pink ties over at

Our second groom also has a flirty and fun style, a red bow tie, gray blazer and fancy red socks makes him incredibly stylish and on-trend. You can see more of this groom over at Magnolia Rouge, photographed by Esther & Gabe from Bell Studios. offers a variety of styles and colors of bow ties  that you could peruse to easily replicate this trendy groom look – like this Bronze and Black Bow Tie or this Solid Charcoal Gray Bow Tie. Of course they have several red ties to choose from, including this Heather Coral Color Necktie and this Bright Red Designer Silk Tie. If you were looking for something without color, but still a ton of style we  love this Geometric Skinny Tie in Black and Silver and this Elegant Floral Tie in Black and Pewter.

One of our favorite looks has to be the classic groom look – black and white and relaying on the accents as florals for pops of color. has a ton of black tie options for the classic groom. From the Black Polka Dot Necktie to the Festive Black and Silver Silk Tie. This incredibly gorgeous couple was photographed by Jose Villa.

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  1. -100. Wedding Planner London says:

    Those dicky bows are adorable!!! I think they really work in bright colours. :)

  2. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    Some amazing looks for your groom from @BowsNTies

  3. -100. @MaryJhonn says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Some amazing looks for your groom from @BowsNTies

  4. -100. @imaginethatwed says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Some amazing looks for your groom from @BowsNTies

  5. -100. @kmbatty says:

    Those are all super fun! RT @weddingchicks: Some amazing looks for your groom from @BowsNTies

  6. -100. Bonnie Brown says:

    What a wonderful way to add a splash of either a coordinating or primary color to your wedding! I love the option of either the bow ties or the more “standard” ties. The geometric patterns are a fun twist too! This company really helps to add some interest in what the groom and or groomsmen are able to wear to enhance the photos and overall look of their wedding attire! I especially love the beautiful colors with the non-traditional tuxedo. I would love to see this season’s hot color “mint green” in a bow tie with a gorgeous grey suit or tux for a summer wedding.

  7. -100. @WeddingPlanr says:

    Groom Looks And Ideas From We are always coming across dapper looks for the groom and h…

  8. I’m a huge fan of ties, bows aren’t my thing, but these looks lovely :)

  9. -100. @WedWeekly says:

    Which Look will Your Groom have?? #WeddingChicks


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    Groom Looks And Ideas

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