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2013 Top Picks For Bridesmaid Looks

In continuing with our 2013 trend report predictions, we have the bridesmaid. 2013 is going to be jam-packed with standout bridesmaid looks. They are going to be a tad fancier, a wee bit bolder and overall simply fabulous. We are confident that mix n’ matching is still going to be quite popular along with allowing your bridesmaid to pick out her own gown. Pastels will still be big, like the sweet and romantic gowns above from Donna Morgan. Our prediction for 2013 bridesmaids is that they are going to be utterly fabulous.

Flapper Style Dresses
Great Gatsby will be coming out in theaters this Christmas, but we will see the roaring 20′s fashions way before the film’s release. Especially in weddings! We predict to see brides and bridesmaids in updated versions of  the iconic flapper dresses like the little number above from French Connection. We look forward to seeing lots of tassels and flapper girl dresses this wedding season.

Fancy Bridesmaid Dresses-
We predict to see more formal looks this season on bridesmaids. Still super stylish, but a little bit more elegant. We plan on seeing lots of sequins and dresses adorned with embellishments. The bridesmaids above are a perfect example of the sparkly elegant numbers we plan on seeing. Beautifully captured by Jemma Keech.

Bold Prints and Lace Bridesmaid Dresses-
We predict that this wedding season we going to see a ton of bold patterns and pretty textures on all the bridesmaids . We cannot wait to see bridesmaids in bold and beautiful prints like the dresses above from Joesph and Chelsea’s wedding photographed by Ryan Ray.

Plan on seeing a lot of lace this season, in both wedding decor and the the main attraction. Lace will be spotted on the bride and the bridesmaids. A great example is the super cute crochet lace dress below from Dessy, which by the way comes in an array of colors that will match any palette.

Brideside -the online boutique for beautiful and unique bridesmaid dresses — has spotted “textures” as their favorite trend heading into 2013 wedding season. Jenny Yoo has created some beautiful looks for her new Social Collection, like this lacie number called the Hudson, that you could see below. Women should pair this dress with clunky jewelry to give it extra pop.

You can also see more lacey numbers from Lauren Gabrielson, the talented designer from New York is exploring textures by layering lace over beautiful silks and mixing up the bodice from the skirt, be sure to go and check her designs out here. Brideside is the only online retailer to carry these looks so be sure to check out their collection.

Bridesmaids in Stripes-
With all the main stream designers showcasing stripes this 2013 season, it will be incredibly easy to throw a few stripes on your bridesmaids. Thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical and of course the beloved chevron. Your bridesmaid would love this new take on the bridesmaid dress. Look for striped dresses featuring the 2013 Pantone color of the year, emerald green, and striped patterns made from material variations – think sparkles, sequins and ruffles of chiffon. Loving the dresses below, captured by Jacksonville wedding photographer Brooke Images.

Shimmery Gold Bridesmaid Dresses-
Since we already plan on seeing a lot of sparkles this season, it would be a shame not to throw gold in there, and as you know we fully support the gold movement. The metallic hue looks utterly fabulous on everyone. Well … at least we think it does. There are so many shimmering gold dresses out there this season, we can already see your girls lined up sparkling in the sunshine. The amazing gold and peach tulle bridesmaid dress below is a stylish number put together by Event Jubilee.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE those fancy ‘maids dresses – gorg!

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    2013 Trend Report: The Bridesmaid

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    RT @weddingchicks: 2013 Trend Report: The Bridesmaid

  4. 0. @GCDSpa says:

    2013 Top Picks For Bridesmaid Looks (Lace and tulle and sparkle…oh, my! #bridesmaid trends for 2013)

  5. 0. Tamara Nicole says:

    Hurray for bold and glitter bridesmaid dresses! Loving the trend predictions for this year:) I have so many brides letting their maids pick their own dresses, love this!

  6. 0. Caitlin says:

    Totally agree, especially about prints, lace and stripes! 2012 was the year of the mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but 2013 is so the year of the standout bridesmaid dress!

  7. 0. Jesse Ciani says:

    I love the fancy dresses, so elegant!

  8. 0. @paperdelights says:

    Loving these gorgeous dresses on wedding chicks blog!

  9. 0. @JeanLoper says:

    2013 Top Picks For Bridesmaid Looks via @po_st

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    The flapper dress is back! Don’t miss this fabulous trend, plus more for bridesmaid dresses in 2013 via @weddingchicks.

  11. 0. @caitlynelizabet says:

    Worst! 1st my maids were in white, then it was a trend. Now I want them to sparkle & wahhh: Top Picks For Bridesmaids

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    2013 Trend Report + @Brideside

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    2013 Top Picks For Bridesmaid Looks

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    2013 Top Picks For Bridesmaid Looks

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    @weddingchicks Bridesmaid Trend Report featuring our @JennyYooNYC and @LoGabrielson collections!

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    We spy our Hudson dress! RT @brideside
    @weddingchicks Bridesmaid Trend Report featuring @JennyYooNYC + @LoGabrielson!

  27. 0. @weddingchicks says:

    RT @JennyYooNYC: We spy our Hudson dress! RT @brideside
    @weddingchicks Bridesmaid Trend Report featuring @JennyYooNYC + @LoGabrielson!

  28. 0. @bmirandella says:

    Já conhecem o Wedding Chicks? Divertido, com muita referência e fácil de mexer!

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    RT @brideside: @weddingchicks Bridesmaid Trend Report featuring our @JennyYooNYC and @LoGabrielson collections!

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    Engaged? Have NO Idea What Bridesmaids Dresses You Want? Start Here! @weddingchicks #WW_Ideas

  31. 0. @WeddingNerja says:

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  32. 0. gail says:

    I am not crazy about the resurgence of the “flapper” look again :( it could be that women just don’t have the same 20′s figures to pull off that style properly anymore? I don’t know, but it has never looked cute since the 20′s outside of movies. I adore the gold sequin bodice with the yards of pink…. is it tulle? chiffon? I think it might be Bride worthy for the right Bride ;)

  33. 0. @greattythebarn says:

    We love the floral print bridesmaid dresses in these top picks. Which is your favourite?

  34. 0. @NikkiZawol says:

    2013 Top Picks For Bridesmaid Looks

  35. 0. Aimee Austin says:

    I love the grey and white striped maids dresses with the pockets!!! Any idea where I can find something like that for my girls?


  36. 0. Ashley says:

    I LOVE the fancy bridesmaid dresses!!! If any one knows where I can find these please let me know!

  37. 0. Denise says:

    Love the fancy bridesmaids! Where can I get that look?

  38. 0. Brittany says:

    Could anyone please tell me where I can find the “fancy bridesmaid” dresses? I love them !

  39. 0. Kim Thompson says:

    Is the shimmery gold bridesmaid dress available.

  40. 0. amy says:

    where can we find stockists of the fancy bridesmaid dresses?

  41. 0. carole says:

    I love the bridesmaid in the sequins and dresses adorned with embellishments photo by Jemma Keech.. Can you tell me who the designer of the dress so I can look up for bridal party.. I am so in love with the dress.

  42. 0. Emily says:

    Where can I find those fancy pink+sparkly dresses? They’d be perfect for my wedding!!

  43. 0. Ahmed Ali says:

    Good 2013 Trend Report, keep it up.

  44. 0. jackmoss says:

    thanks for showing us so many different types of bridesmaid dresses! gorgeous! really all standout bridesmaid looks. yes,our besties to have a fabulous look on my big day! i choose Prints & Lace Bridesmaid Dresses for my bridesmaids.

  45. 0. Rashid says:

    Good bridal fashion for women. great ideas.

  46. 0. sarra says:

    love the dresses

  47. 0. sarra says:

    love the dress with gold on top

  48. 0. Miranda says:

    Hi! “The Fancy Bridesmaid Dresses” picture is exactly what I have in mind for my bridesmaid dresses!!! Would you have any idea which store they came from?

    Also, possibly the one for “the Shimmery Gold Bridesmaid Dresses-” as well?



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