Historic Cedarwood Wedding In Nashville Tennessee

After seven years of long distance dating, Lanny and Tamara finally tied the knot at The Historic Cedarwood In Nashville Tennessee. This charming southern wedding was the place for them with a vintage barn, rolling meadows, flower gardens and to a ton of fresh natural spaces. They specialize in one-stop, customized, all-inclusive designer wedding packages for everything you might need. From the cater, florist and everything in between. As you can tell, the venue is nothing but the best and Derek Martinez does a beautiful job capturing Lanny and Tamara’s charming wedding. You can see more pretty pictures in the full gallery here.

Their Love Story-
Lanny and Tamara have quite a long and in depth love story. Lanny and Tamara met during their freshman year of college at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN, and his boyish charisma and her general awesomeness led to them dating before the year was out. Tamara transferred to Watkins College of Art and design in Nashville, but the couple still managed to see each other on a weekly basis.  After graduating from Austin Peay, Lanny began law school at Baylor in Texas. Sadly the couple only saw each other only every few months, and this combined with the rigor’s of law school for Lanny, and full-time work on the graveyard shift for Tamara, was understandably not the best time for either of them.

However, the couple still managed to see each other at least every couple of months, and after a mere two and a half years, Lanny graduated, got gainful employment, and moved to Fort Worth. Figuring that nearly seven years of dating was long enough (too long if certain parties are asked), Lanny popped the question while Tamara was visiting on New Year’s Eve 2011, and Tamara said, “Yes.” A few short months later, Tamara found herself and her loveable dog moved in and gainfully employed in Fort Worth.

Great Idea:
Lanny and Tamara filled up a space filled with local favorites. Moon Pies, vintage sodas, and goo goos. Basically all of the deliciousness that Tennessee has to offer. Another great option is just fill up a space with all of your favorite things. Ours would be a do-it-yourself iced coffee bar with fresh cream, those cute sugar cubes and fun swirly straws.

Instead of a traditional guestbook, create wishing bottles. Guests can write well wishes and place them in bottles that you will open in the future. Create bottles for the next five years and every year on your anniversary open a bottle and read the wishes together. A sweet and lovely way to remember your special day.

Historic Cedarwood is really an amazing place to hold your wedding. They even have a place for you to watch movies. Great idea for the kids! How cute do Lanny and Tamara look sitting on the back of the vintage truck watching the film with their wedding party?

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Photographer: Derek Martinez
Floral, Decor and Event styling: Cedarwood Weddings
Venue: Historic Cedarwood
Cake: Patty Cake
Caterer: Copper Kettle
Coordinator: Historic Cedarwood
Dress Designer: Allure Bridal
Flowers: Historic Cedarwood
Groom’s Attire: Bachrach
Jewelry: Family | Officiant: Lilly Kathryn Louise | Stationery: Tamara Tobin (Bride) and Beth Owen (Friend) | DJ: Cynthia Talley | Makeup & Hair: Adreanna Harvey

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  1. EVERYTHING about this wedding is amazing and inspirational!! Love the details and color palette. The couple is absolutely gorgeous. I must compliment the bride’s shoes. They are wonderful.

  2. -100. Rita Miller Dorris says:

    So love every detail! What I wouldn’t give for a bride to let me do a wedding like this one. Lovely!!!

  3. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    Popcorn and a Movie at this Tenn wedding! Love it! @DerekMPhoto @cedarwoodwed @AllureBridals @Bachrachonline http://t.co/q4jhGzUS

  4. -100. Nicole Hill says:

    These details and photographs are gorgeous!

  5. -100. @DerekMPhoto says:

    Tamara and Lanny published today on @weddingchicks – http://t.co/OYpkAeBn @cedarwoodwed

  6. -100. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous wedding! You did a wonderful job capturing their wedding day Derek!

  7. -100. Donna says:

    Love everything about this wedding, especially your dress and the awesome details!

  8. -100. @cedarwoodwed says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Popcorn and a Movie at this Tenn wedding! Love it! @DerekMPhoto @cedarwoodwed @AllureBridals @Bachrachonline http://t.co/q4jhGzUS

  9. -100. @DerekMPhoto says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Popcorn and a Movie at this Tenn wedding! Love it! @DerekMPhoto @cedarwoodwed @AllureBridals @Bachrachonline http://t.co/q4jhGzUS

  10. -100. Matt says:

    What an amazing wedding! Beautiful location and extraordinary photography Derek Martinez!

  11. -100. Susannah says:

    I like the crispness of these images and I love the details…so many ideas! The library card is really cool, as are many of the details.

  12. -100. @chapelgroup says:

    Gushing over this #wedding!! Moon pie’s, origami ceremony arch and a save the date that is so original! http://t.co/zD3fhxrK

  13. Gorgeous attention to detail.. the shoes, cake, decorations… love the timeline list :)

    Amazing – well done guys oxox

  14. -100. Mae Mae says:

    Oh my gosh! That is such an awesome wedding theme and your photographer caught the vibe. Looks like it was so much fun!

  15. -100. @MagnetStreetWed says:

    Gorgeous! Historic Cedarwood Wedding http://t.co/bJujf8a8 h/t @Weddingchicks

  16. -100. Jamie says:

    Everything about this wedding is rad!!

  17. I love this wedding!! The hanging paper birds are lovely. Also love the bride’s unique shoes.

  18. -100. caroline says:

    These are all so pretty! LOVE that cake! Nice work, Derek!

  19. -100. @WeddingDates says:

    We are loving everything about this weddihng in Tennessee, definitely one to check out! http://t.co/EWqNoQ1J

  20. -100. @SayIDoBride says:

    Love it all too! RT @WeddingDates: We’re loving everything about this wedding in Tennessee,definitely one to check out! http://t.co/ZGozr56w

  21. -100. Lisa Johnson says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Such beautiful lighting and every little detail is precious. LOVE!

  22. -100. Jessica Schilling says:

    Beautiful wedding and images! I love the library card with significant dates – such a cool idea!

  23. -100. Beth Begley says:

    Many guests have told us this was the most beautiful and charming wedding they have EVER attended! I agree. Best Groom Ever, too! (MoG)

  24. Very very cool and gorgeous wedding!

  25. -100. Soirée de Luxe says:

    So many wonderful and inspirational pieces at this wedding. The bride & groom had some great ideas! One, in particular is the idea of a little cinema serving popcorn, what a great way to keep the kids under control! We have a similar idea at one of our weddings and the bride & groom are actually revisiting the venue to show their wedding video to their nearest and dearest. :)

    Jessica – Soirée de Luxe xx

  26. -100. Joan Whittmen says:

    This is such an inspiration, both wedding styling and photography wise. Gorgeous work everyone!!

  27. -100. Barnabas says:

    Nice costumes and great clicks by photographer. I’m impressed with this wedding ceremony.

  28. -100. KTZ says:

    Nice photography, I’m loving it.

  29. -100. Amy says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Where did you find the cake stand?


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