DIY Detail & Favor Wedding Projects

DIY Decor Ideas From Kim Fisher Designs

There are many reasons we love Kim Fisher Designs. Not only does she provide floral design, decor styling and creative consulting, but she also embraces the DIY Bride. Offering premium bulk flowers for pre-order and pick up, so you can have quality florals for your diy wedding. We love that! So, if you are in the North Carolina area we suggest you look her up.

Before you do that, enjoy these fabulous diy decor ideas from Kim. Both projects are totally doable and can easily be used as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony. We can even see both these projects in your home as well. All these beautiful photographs were captured by North Carolina wedding photographer Theo Milo.

From Kim Fisher Designs
We’re always looking out for interesting ways to make beautiful things from what is around us. We have several tables that we’ve made from, old recycled wood that are perfect for outdoor wedding altars. Re-claimed tin sap buckets filled with garden flowers paired with a vintage school globe and left over wine bottles, these along with some random branches are  easy, simple basic design ideas that anyone can make their own.

Before you begin you are going to want to pick up a few supplies. We scoured the web to make sure that you could purchase mostly everything you needed via the world wide web. You are going to need the following 2 brackets, clear floral tape, twine, recycled clear bottles, hanging test tube vases or any type of bud vase, hammer and nails. Last but not least you will need single branches and single stem florals.

1. Find Branch- Kim found their branch in the backyard and it happened to be covered in lichen
1. Hang brackets on wall and rest branch inside brackets
2. Gather vases and fill with very little water about 2 inches, to make the vases as light as possible (vases above are 8″ recycled glass vases)
3. Queen’s Anne’s Lace was used above, but you could use any light flower
4. Wrap twine several times around the necks of the vases. Then tie a knot and wrap the end piece around branch and tie another knot to secure
5. You can vary the placement of the bottles by using different lengths of twine.

The vertical display would look beautiful as aisle decor or to frame your wedding alter. You could even use it as an accent piece in your hoem

1. Use a stronger tree branch that for the above project
2. Pour a bag of sand into bucket. Allowing the branch to stabilize.
3. Take your old wine bottles and place against branch. Wrap clear florist tape around top and middle
4. Wind the twine around the bottle to the hide the tape
5. For extra security  pounded a long nail into the branch so the base of the bottle can slightly rest on the nail.(you will not really see the nail at all.)
6. As with the horizontal project (above) you need very little water in the base of the wine bottles.

Photography: Theo Milo Photography
Florals: Kim Fisher Designs