DIY Paper Flowers

Did you happen to see the paper flowers in the Oregon Barn Yard Wedding? All made by Makela from Tie That Binds Weddings. Adding a crafty element to your decor for less than pennies. Use them as the wedding centerpiece on your table, a boutonniere or even your wedding bouquet. There are countless ways to dress these up. Possibly place them in a mason jar and wrap some lace around the jar or you could hang them from the ceiling from twine. We would love to hear how you would use your paper flowers. Read on for exact instructions and materials on how to diy paper flowers.

Materials and instructions on how to make DIY Paper Flowers

Yellowed Sewing Patterns, Ruler, Scissors, 24-gauge floral wire, Skewers (optional)

1. Stack 10 sheets of sewing pattens cut to 10″ square
2. Fold 1-inch wide sections of the stack, working into an accordion fold
3. and 4. Pinch, loop, and secure a 12-inch length of wire around the middle of the folded pieces. Round the edges using sharp scissors
5. Carefully unfold the layers of paper, fanning into a round bloom
6. A few gentle scrunches of the bloom will create the round “hydrangea” look that you want
7. If you will be arranging the flowers in a big bouquet using floral foam, wrap the remaining wire around a skewer. You can wrap up to three blooms around one skewers

Ta-da! And there you have it, a bouquet of stunning paper flowers!

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An Oregon Barn Yard Wedding

You will be immediately captivated by the charm of Joesph, Oregon. Often referred to as the “Little Switzerland of America”, Joseph is a one-of-a-kind place. Sprinkled with  specialty shops and quaint restaurants. If you are lucky a antler will come up to your window while you are taking in the beauty of the lake. Such a fun place to visit and apparently an even better place to hold a good old fashion barn yard wedding.

Kelsie and Kyle’s wanted an outdoorsy area with a rustic building that would naturally add to the décor of their wedding. Lucky for them a local framer graciously allowed them to use their property for free. Of course they had to clean it up and make it wedding ready. With tons of help from family and friends they pulled it off spectacularly. Be sure to see more details in the full gallery, all photographed by Bryan Aulick

From The Bride:

Aside from the decor, the barn itself needed a TON of work to get it in shape for the wedding. We had chosen an area in a grassy meadow and mowed it down with hours of help from the groomsmen. Our family organized a “clean-up day” with the barn owner and spent the day sweeping, vacuuming, sweeping and more vacuuming to rid of the hay and dust. For weeks before and on the day of the wedding, family, friends, friends of friends, and the wedding party devoted their time to decorating the barn and setting up the ceremony indoors after unexpected rain. The meadow was a beautiful place that we wish we could’ve used, but the barn atmosphere was so cozy, it only added to the wonderful time we all had together.

The most special moment of my wedding day was the first time that I saw my soon-to-be husband before the wedding. It was an opportunity for us to get out all of pre-wedding jitters and spend intimate time together before we were engulfed by family and friends. Our photographer Bryan Aulick
, who agreed to meet us before the wedding to capture the entire day, was absolutely amazing. He made us feel relaxed and comfortable. My husband and I are never thrilled to be in front of the camera, but with Bryan’s creativity and the “challenges” that he put us up to, we were laughing a majority of the time and the pictures turned beautifully. During the intimate moment that I would see my soon-to-be husband for the first time, Bryan remained in the shadows where we didn’t even notice him, but captured all the emotion and joy that we felt. He truly added to the enjoyment of the day, and the wedding wouldn’t have been complete with him and his profound kindness, patience, and incredible talent.


When the time came to create wedding invitations, I was unaware of the vast amount of choices for fonts, paper, designs and styles. I knew I wanted a rustic theme with hydrangeas and a simple font that reflected mine and my husband’s laid-back personalities. The first custom proof sent from Mekala at Tie That Binds Weddings was exactly what I had in mind. She also created our monogram that was beautiful but still fun, so we incorporated it into our invitations, envelopes, and even a table runner that we had at the wedding. To keep everything congruent, she designed adorable signage throughout the reception, cookie bags with stickers, whoopie pie bags as favors, photo booth details, and table numbers. She also styled the tablescapes at the reception with sewing-pattern paper flowers, papier-mâché details, and brought chalkboards, bunting, escort cards with miniature cowbells, and other antique details to complete the style we dreamed of. The products that she had to offer and the details that she brought to the wedding were unlike anything I could have dreamed of, and the guests went on and on about the meticulous attention to the little thing

Stay tune a Tie That Binds Weddings has a special diy coming up for all you crafty brides.

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Photographer:Bryan Aulick

Event Designer: Tie That Binds Weddings

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Yellow And Cream Rustic Wedding Ideas

Dreaming of having a wedding in a woodland backyard, these rustic wedding ideas just make give you the spark of inspiration you were looking for. Handmade tags attached to the fence, a keepsake album filled with wishes for loved ones, a spicy treat of  jalapeno jam and a table filled with sweet treats.

Inspired by sentiment and rustic beauty, you will definitely love all the beautiful photos taken by Danielle Capito Photography. To see more images, head over to the full gallery here.

From Davia Lee of Davia Lee Events:

I am beyond thrilled to share my inspiration for the vintage rustic shoot at The Tiber Canyon Ranch. Danielle Capito told me about this property & I had to go check it out. When I arrived there on a late Wednesday morning, I instantly fell in love with the oak trees and incredible views.

Tiber Canyon Ranch is nestled on 50 acres of oak and Manzanita woodland in the Edna Valley. Thirty acres of the ranch remains untouched as a woodland wildlife preserve while the other 20 acres are maintained as an oil grove. It is the perfect venue for a rustic, outdoor wedding for you and most dear loved ones.

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Photographer: Danielle Capito Photography

Event Designer: Davia Lee Events
Venue: Tiber Canyon Ranch
Cake: Sweet Creations
Flowers: Twigss Floral Studio
Jewelry: True Rebel Clothing
Stationery: Paper Dolling Printing
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Embellish Vintage Rentals
Linens: La Tavola Linen
Banners, Heart Confetti, Paper Flowers, Heart Garland: Two Charming

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Unique And Artsy Backyard Wedding

To say the least our next wedding is a backyard bonanza. Toppling over with style, creativity and the perfect visual that your backyard can be the best wedding venue ever. Rachel and David made the decision to invest in their home and landscaping instead of spending it on a venue for their wedding. Why not hold one of the most personal events of your life at the place you know the most? Makes sense to us.

What even makes more sense is the fact that they invested in event designer and coordinator Sweet Sunday Events to transform their backyard. Not only did they design and furnish the event, but they also put together all the flowers, coordinated the food and put up all the lighting. By the way, we know you are going to want to see the lighting up close by clicking here and here. Not one by several huge vintage chandeliers hanging from the trees. Talk about a statement-making piece. You can see more of  this unique and artsty backyard wedding in the full gallery. Photographed by Kelly Cameron Photography.

From Sweet Sunday Events:

Supplied with only color swatches of peach, coral and teal, and the freedom to curate the most festive backyard bash, we {Sweet Sunday Events} enthusiastically accepted the challenge. Rachel and David were the sweetest, most laid back couple a wedding designer could ask for. Their love of the outdoors and free spirits lead to the tantalizing reception your eyes are about to feast upon. A custom made arrow guided guests to the shindig followed by a canopy of crape paper streamers with the most chic lounge setup beneath the rainbow of color. Wooden tabletops adorned with peach runners and perfect imperfect loose arrangements of thistle, tulips, ranunculus, garden roses and pincushions topped it off. And don’t you know, it’s no party without a special area with a Paint by Numbers area.

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Photographer: Kelly Cameron Photography
Event Designer, Flowers, Lighting & Rentals: Sweet Sunday Events
Venue: First Baptist Church of Georgetown
Hair: Mecca Hair Salon
Cake: Galaxy Bakery
Caterer: Newks Cafe
Dress Designer: Katie Jean
Shoe Designer: Toms
Veil or Hair Accessories: Katie Jean
Landscaping: Sendero Land Services

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