Bouquet Recipe

Pink Bridal Bouquet

There are a few colors on the spectrum that we feel are crowd pleasers and pink is by far one of them. It is delicate, lovely and reminds us of all things pretty. Just like our next bouquet recipe designed by Southern California wedding florist Oak & the Owl Interior and Floral Design Studio. Photographed by Tonya Goettsche.

Iceberg Floribunda Rose
Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose
Sexy Rexy Floribunda Rose
Snowball Viburnum

From Oak and the Owl

This is truly a spring time garden bouquet. I picked 3/4’s of the flowers from neighborhood gardens and the rest I got at Trader Joes (tulips & snowball viburnum – trying to avoid a trip to the DTLA flower mart this time). The shoot was vintage inspired by Tonya Joy and big garden roses like I used, work well for a vintage feel. The addition of honeysuckle is always nice for a bride because it smells amazing!