DIY Wedding Flowers

White Flower Guide

Can you feel it? Spring is almost here and we are so excited about all the amazing spring florals we are going to be able to share with you. In the meantime, we have some standout white flowers to add to our white flower guide. Our flower guides are the encyclopedia of florals. You can either share with your florist a particular bloom you love or go for the gusto and create your own wedding masterpiece. As always, a huge thank you to Krista Jon for picking out these little beauties for us.

These flower guides go beautifully with all of our bouquet recipes where we show you exactly what is in your favorite wedding bouquet. This particular white flower guide has:

Anemoe, Royal Star Magnolia, Ranunculus, Shell Ginger, Orchid, Arch Anthurium, Sweet Pea, Pieris, Grafted Cactus

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