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The latest bridal collection from Anna Campbell is sure to strike a cord with soon-to-be brides across the country. Drawing inspiration from previous clients, Anna Campbell’s new collection is a personalized mix of designs created effortlessly to complement a particular theme or style of wedding.

Catering to both modern and traditional brides and their individual style and taste, Anna has created a diverse mix of stunning gowns paying careful attention to the overall theme of the day, making it easier to choose what’s right for you. Whether it’s a casual beachside ceremony, a formal inner city wedding or a ceremony at an exotic overseas destination or homestead, Anna’s ability to experiment with embellishments, draping and high quality materials, ensure she is able to create the perfect gown to suit your special day. You have to see all the wedding gowns by clicking here.

The stunning bridal collection also introduces a brand new direction for Anna Campbell, featuring a range of beautiful accessories. With the aim of styling the bride from top to toe, Anna’s selection of beautifully crafted bracelets, hand-made veils and head-wear has all been designed to perfectly complement gowns and incorporates the usual stunning blend of beading and this time, a whole new assortment of lace. For information about purchasing one of these gorgeous gowns click here.

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  1. These dresses are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 0. Josie says:

    Wow. So so gorgeous!

  3. 0. Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness- my favorite dress designer on my favorite inspirational website! I am wearing one of Anna Campbell’s designs in just over two weeks! She is an amazing person to say the least and so beautiful to work with! I cannot wait to wear my dress, which should arrive today! So excited!

  4. I love the details on the backs – stunning!

  5. 0. Stacye Hollomon says:

    Please send us info on how to get your dresses in the U.S. We LOVE your dresses!! Thanks!

  6. 0. michelle Ellington says:

    Where can I find your Anna Campbell in the USA?

  7. 0. melling says:

    Where can I find Anna Campbell wedding dresses in the USA?

  8. 0. michelle says:

    where can i find one of these dresses? Are they available in the United States?

  9. 0. Ruthie says:

    We carry the Ivory Collection at Blue Bridal Boutique in Austin. TX. For more information call 512-441-7700

  10. 0. Saskia says:

    Fantastic! Are you’re dresses also for sale in Europe? Holland?

  11. 0. Maria Moughan says:


  12. 0. Alexandra says:

    I have seen these dresses all over Pinterest but I want to actually have one for my own wedding in October 2014. Where can I get one?

  13. 0. Jennifer says:

    I am in LOVE with Anna Campbell dresses, it is exactly what I have pictured in my mind. I already checked out the website and it looks like it may not be possible, but is there anywhere in Canada that I could get a dress?

  14. 0. Kiara says:

    The only wedding dress designer I have falled in love with, HOW DO I FIND HER DRESSES IN CANADA??? Please help!!!!!!!!

  15. 0. nadine says:

    please is there any shop in canada that sells anna cambell bridal gowns?

  16. 0. Lois Traut says:

    I would like to purchase a belt and I am wondering if you sell back extensions.

  17. 0. Rovilyn Tutop says:

    Please email me information regarding where I can find an Anna Campbell dress. Thank you

  18. 0. Christina Carroll says:

    Gorgeous dresses! The prettiest I’ve seen!

  19. 0. Leslie wood says:

    Hello! I am in love with all of your dresses that you have designed for weddings. I live in Ohio which is in the USA . I was wondering how I can go about purchasing a dress from you? Do you have an online site I can purchase from or a boutique that has your dresses in them. Please send me information. I really am interested in your dresses! Thank you!

  20. 0. Meghan Mayhew says:

    I love these dresses! Is there anywhere to buy a dress in or near Charlotte, NC?

  21. 0. Ashley Tallon says:

    I am interested in purchasing an a wedding dress, where do you sell dresses in the US near PA/ NJ?

    Thank you
    Ashley Tallon

  22. 0. Elena says:

    Absolutely stunning! Please share where her gowns can be purchased in Canada.

  23. 0. Meghan says:

    I am in love with Anna Campbell designs and would love to try them on for my wedding in Spring, 2015. Where are they sold in the USA besides Colorado and Texas? Help!!!

  24. 0. Daniella Marinucci says:

    hello there,

    where do I find Anna Campbell dresses in Canada? Do you sell them to anyone exclusive in Canada?


  25. 0. Meghan says:

    Has anyone received any feedback on where these dresses can be found other than Australia, and Texas??????? I NEED ONE!

  26. 0. Louise says:

    I love Anna Campbell and always stop to look at the dresses when posted on Pinterest. I wish she sold her collection in the US!

  27. 0. Tara Benjaminson says:

    Anna’s gowns are beautiful, like all other comments where can you find in Canada !! Any places in Saskatchewan or Alberta

  28. 0. Denise says:

    I would to like hace location in US and the differente designs of Anna Campbell.
    Many thanks

  29. 0. Ruthie says:

    We carry these dresses at Blue bridal Boutique of Austin call us if you’re interested 512-441-7700

  30. 0. Claudia says:


    Where can I find Anna Campbell dresses in Florida???


  31. 0. Eliana says:

    I absolutely love these dresses! Where can I purchase them in or around Charlotte NC? I def want to try them on soon since my wedding is in September! Thanks!

  32. 0. linda says:

    can you ship to canada??


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