Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio in Clarkesville, GA loved the idea of the bridal bouquet and the matching boutonniere and wanted to share this rustic wedding bouquet recipe with you. Perfect for an outdoor rustic, woodsy wedding with a neutral color palette. If you are not getting married in Georgia, you can easily bring this bouquet recipe to your florist to replicate this rustic wedding bouquet and matching boutonniere for you. Photography by Once Like A Spark. For more pretty bouquet recipes click here.

Rustic wedding bouquet recipe:
Blushing bride protea
Sweet peas
Brunia (silver)
Scabiosa pods
Coleus leaves
Poke sallet weed berries(indigenous of Georgia)
Burgandy scabiosa

The boutonniere The recipe has  Immature Georgia blueberries, Feverfew and Blushing bride protea.

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  1. Rustic Wedding Bouquet and Boutonniere Recipe by @oncelikeaspark and Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio

  2. Rustic Wedding Bouquet: Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio in Clarkesville, GA loved the idea of the bridal bouquet and …

  3. Rustic Wedding Bouquet: Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio in Clarkesville, GA loved the idea of the bridal bouquet and …

  4. Rustic Wedding Bouquet

  5. -100. @fatamadrinawp says:

    Lovely! RT @weddingchicks Rustic Wedding Bouquet

  6. -100. @NovellaBridal says:

    I absolutely love this rustic wedding bouquet and boutonniere!

  7. Rustic bouquet and boutonnière pairing, just lovely.

  8. -100. sherry donnelly says:

    Thanks so much for the feature today…feeling the love!It’s nice to see what I am passionate about in full size on your site!

  9. -100. weddingchicks says:

    Sherry, we are so happy to share! They are so lovely!

  10. -100. Kelly says:

    Wow!! Evergreen~ So nice of the bouquet!!:D

  11. -100. Authentic Pic says:

    A real classic…

  12. -100. melissa says:

    Love Gertie Mae’s!! What an amazing bouquet…so perfect for a rustic fall wedding with a barn backdrop.

  13. -100. lorena says:

    Beautifully put together

  14. -100. Ann says:

    Holy GORGEOUS!

  15. DIY: Rustic Wedding Bouquet {So gorgeous!} from @weddingchicks

  16. -100. Xiriz says:

    I really like the wartmh that all the pieces in this home have. Somehow that table and those chairs make the kitchen so inviting. (I read all of your posts, and I’m always impressed by your finds.)

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