Old Fashion Wedding Ideas

Harwell Photography just shared with us this recent shoot he did for Atlanta Weddings. Overflowing with old fashion weddings ideas and trinkets from the past, including this to-die-for long sleeve lace wedding gown that would look oh so fabulous on you.

Another steal worthy idea is the table decor. It not only has a chic old fashion look and feel, but you could easily do this yourself. We love anything that is easily replicated of course with the right florals and accessories. To see more old fashion wedding ideas be sure to visit the full wedding gallery.

Harwell Photography is one of our exclusive The Hand-Picked Vendors. Hand-Picked Vendors are at the top of their game and provide excellent services! Our picks were chosen because of their commitment to excellence, stylish and fresh ideas, and their overall fresh approach to weddings. To learn more about Harwell Photography click here. To learn more about how our Hand-Picked vendors are chosen please click here.

Photography: Harwell Photography
Styling: Ginny Branch-Stelling
Flowers: Amy Osaba
Venue: Vine Wood Events
Shoot Done For: Atlanta Weddings Magazine

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  1. -100. Nina says:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE the bride in the hat. Makes me think of Anne of Green Gables. That may have to be my next inspirational shoot. Anne of Green Gables & Gilbert. ;)

  2. So true about Anne of Green Gables, Nina! I’ve just finished reading the books, so she’s fresh in my mind :)

    Beautiful pics.

  3. -100. Rachel says:

    I love the all lace mermaid dress! Designer / style? :)

  4. Love the pretty lace detail :)



  5. My favorite thing about the shoot was the stylist’s choice to put one of the brides in Wellies. Love, love, love it! The whole day it was being shot at Vinewood I was thinking “This is so Anne of Green Gables” guess that was pretty on point. Great job Jeremy, Ginny and Amy. We loved working with ya’ll.

  6. -100. Carrie says:

    I so need to know where that flower girl dress came from, its just the kind of dress I am looking for, so sweet looking.

  7. -100. ginny branch stelling says:

    thank you so much for featuring our shoot! so honored to be on here!

  8. -100. Jeremy Harwell says:

    So excited to be featured on the amazing Wedding Chicks!

    The flower girl dress was from The Gap.

  9. -100. Jeremy Harwell says:

    Rachel, The dress is Anne Barge style 617.

  10. -100. Addie says:

    this looks like a modern day Anne of Green Gables… lovely

  11. -100. Carrie says:

    Thanks so much Jeremy.

  12. -100. Fee & Nico says:

    Such a lovely creative shoot. So lovely to see all that lace xxx

  13. -100. Maple says:

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Anne of Green Gables!

  14. Oh how I LOVE red headed brides!!!

  15. -100. Amanda Capps says:

    ohhh I love Anne!! These bring back such fun memories!

  16. -100. Sara Vernegaard Knudsen says:

    Does anybody know where the dress in the first picture is from, it look gorgeous!

  17. -100. Allen J. says:

    Seriously who could not love the picture of the girl on the horse!!!!!!! I love the entire idea. Reminds me of my horse as I was growing up. Love em.

  18. -100. Shelby Christine says:

    I need to know where to buy that first picture of the long sleeve lace wedding gown please. It’s beautiful.

  19. -100. Jimmy says:

    Please be careful if you want to marry at Vinewood, they have been closed down by the County because of several flagrant fire and other code violation; My niece’s wedding was schedule at High Meadows next week May 26, 2013. Only by chance did my sister-in-law hear from friend about a cancelled wedding this weekend. My brother called and called and did not receive an answer or returned call from Jamie McPherson. Eventually he met with him and cancelled the wedding with only 2 weeks to come up with other arrangements.

    Mr. McPherson is handling this situation poorly and hurting young brides in the process. He apparently never intended to notify my niece about the probably cancellation of her wedding venue until it was too late. Shame on Mr. McPherson, this is not how to run a business and there should be punitive actions for the stress and hurt he has caused people. Not notifying his clients as early as possible and helping them is a disgrace.

  20. -100. Renee obrien says:

    Who is the designer/style, of the 3/4 lace sleeve.

  21. -100. JOY TAYLOR says:


  22. -100. Ritika says:

    I wanted Carpe Donut SO bad for our wendidg, but he was booked up! I thought it was just the cutest idea, especially for our fall wendidg when it was cooler. Donuts just seemed like the perfect comfort food at that point.

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