Making Paper Flowers For Your Wedding

We have a lovely Arizona wedding to share with you today from Ventola Photography. One thing that we absolutely loved about the wedding was that instead of traditional floral bouquets they used stylish paper bouquets. Making paper flowers for your wedding is not only practical but quite easy. They are always in season and you will be able to keep these crafty beauties forever. Martha Stewart has an easy do-it-yourself guide on how to make paper bouquets that you can see by clicking here.

Enjoy the rest of this Arizona wedding and be sure to see all the photographs in the full wedding gallery.


Photographer: Ventola Photography

Venue: Boojum Tree
Makeup and Hair: Bride
Caterer: San Tan Brewery
Dress Designer: J Crew
Officiant: Hal Shrader
Shoe Designer: J Crew

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  1. -100. Nicole says:

    I absolutely LOVE these paper flower bouquets!!! Please tell me how they are done, I would love them for my wedding & they are so much prettier & cleaner than the How-To on Martha Stewart’s website!

  2. -100. ventolaphotography says:

    Hi Nicole! The bride’s parents made these bouquets, but I did find these on Etsy:
    Good luck and have a lovely wedding!

  3. What a gorgeous fall color pallet! I love the beautiful paper flowers – thanks for sharing!!

  4. -100. Natasha says:

    We have been making these paper flowers for months now out of old books – we have a huge rubbermaid bin full and still a yeartill the wedding !!

  5. -100. Robine says:

    You are lucky to be so talented. I can’t even make something simple for my children’s projects! I know it says it’s actually quite easy, but for some reason, I think I would have to shell out the extra dough. Beautiful wedding.

  6. Wow, they are really effective – I never imagined you could use paper flowers in a bouquet and get such a beautiful result.

  7. -100. Lindsey Fong says:

    The flowers were pretty easy to make (although time consuming) and then it was just trial and error to arrange them into the bouquet. Thank you to my wonderful flower folding parents :)

  8. -100. Alicia Swedenborg says:

    i’m officially in love with those paperflowers!!!

  9. -100. Rosalind says:

    Love the cake and the polaroid guest book! great idea. Lots of lovely details.

  10. -100. Ema says:

    Can someone please teach me how to make flowers like these? I’d like to have them for my next bday party! ^^

  11. -100. Michele Y. says:

    The flowers are Kusudama origami I believe.

  12. -100. Scrappy says:

    My friend loves making these paper flowers, and she just started selling them on Etsy. They are gorgeous! If you don’t have the patience to make these yourself, she would love to do some custom designs for you.

  13. -100. Alyssa says:

    I’m planning on making paper flowers for my wedding. I’ve made a few with book pages similar to the ones with sheet music here. Any ideas as to where I can get different colored origami paper online?

  14. -100. Geralyn says:

    Hi there! Beautiful wedding! QUESTION – what type of camera’s did you use and where can I get them!!! I’m looking for similar instant camera for a photobooth for a party. Each guest had their own individual?


  15. -100. Geralyn says:

    Hi there! Beautiful wedding!! Can you share what camera’s you used for the polaroids?!! And where did you purchase them. Thanks!!! : ))

  16. -100. Lucy McCaughan says:

    Hey there in response to some of the questions:
    Found this website with an easy how to… currently making them for a friends wedding in December – very time consuming!

  17. -100. Sarita says:

    Hello, I love these flowers!! Is there a tutorial I can follow? I know how to make the flower I just can’t figure out how to put the boquet together.

  18. -100. Leesha Visniesky says:

    Do you have step by step instruction on how to make that flower bouquet? it is beautiful!

  19. -100. Wedding Flowers says:

    Elegant Silk Wedding Flowers and Artificial Wedding Flowers – that’s what we specialise in here at The Wedding Bouquet.

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