Atlanta Shabby Chic Wedding

It’s easy to fall in love with our next wedding from Haley Sheffield. It has all the fixings of a good old fashion shabby chic affair. From burlap to bunting to all the goodies in between. Be sure to see more of Abbie and Matt’s shabby chic Atlanta wedding by clicking here.

Photographer: Haley Sheffield
Venue: Catholic Church of St. Ann
Hair & Makeup: Shannon Silva of Dyer and Posta Salon
DJ: Black Tie Events
Dress Designer: Enzoani
Stationery: Ashley Buzzy McHugh
Floral Design: Judy McManus
Cinematography: Wes Haley

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  1. Very pretty!

  2. What a stunning wedding and beautiful photography!

  3. -100. Sara Gray Photography says:

    Love this! Those muted tones make me swoon. Beautiful work.

  4. -100. Kailey-Michelle says:

    Gorgeous! I <3 the details and color platte! Great mix of DIY and elegance.

  5. -100. RhiannonNicole says:

    This wedding is so beautiful! I love everything about it :)

  6. -100. Haley Sheffield says:

    Thank you so much for the feature-love, ladies! I loved everything about this wedding, and am so happy that it can be shared with creative brides who appreciate the impeccable taste of The Wedding Chicks.

  7. -100. Lydia says:

    I am in love with this wedding! Especially how their details are traditional shabby chic but not an exact copy of what you always see!

  8. this is such a beautiful wedding, you can tell it was a labor of love!

  9. -100. Damaris Mia says:

    This is soo beautiful! Great job and congrats to Haley!

  10. -100. JC Bartlebaugh says:

    Just wanted to say that my sister is an amazing photographer. I am so excited for her and her work in the last year. I believe she is one of the best around. She can capture the beauty in anything. I love you!

  11. -100. Bethany says:

    Wow! These are gorgeous! I think Haley’s photographs really helped bring the shabby chic style to life! Great job!

  12. -100. Jessica says:

    I LOVE her dress! Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. -100. Britney Mims says:

    i absolutely love this wedding! I remember looking at the pictures when Haley Sheffield first posted on her website and now look she is on The Wedding Chicks blog!!!!!!

    Haley took my engagement pics in the spring and I can not wait to see the magic she works photographing my wedding in April 2012!!!! Love you Haley!

  14. -100. Meredith Howell says:

    Haley has such amazing talent. In this wedding she has capture the beauty and elegance of the event, but also the personality and love of the couple. Wonderful photos!!! (The bride’s dress is absolutely gorgeous!)

  15. -100. Cocroft & Delbridge says:

    This is such an incredibly stunning wedding! All of the details are so striking…and the photography is beautiful!

  16. -100. Michelle says:

    Such a pretty wedding! <3 I love the colors of the pictures and the angles! AND HER DRESS! Gorgeous.

  17. -100. Stephanie Purse says:

    I absolutely LOVE the last picture of the bride & groom cutting the cake. The decorations, the cake, the dress, the lighting…it’s all perfect! Amazing as always Haley!

  18. -100. Becki says:

    I love the B&W photos – they look like they could have come out of any era. Very classic and very beautiful!

  19. -100. Stephanie Pardue says:

    Lovely. My favorite aspect of this feature is the way in which the photographer allowed light to move throughout her work. She seems to command where it can start and stop on her subjects. Just beautiful.

  20. -100. Wes Haley says:

    Congrats to Abbie and Matt, the pictures are awesome. And congrats to Haley for being featured. Great job!

    I worked alongside Haley for this wedding. If anyone is interested in seeing Matt and Abbie’s highlight video, check it out.

  21. -100. Morgan Nicholos says:

    may favorit part was the creative pictures of the small things(shoes, flowers, bed of cards, ect.)her work is so beautiful!

  22. -100. Whitney Williamson says:

    Oh my, Haley is amazing! She took my engagement pictures in March and I believe she gets better with each and every picture she takes! I love the way she can find the perfect light to make every picture beautiful! I also love the way she focus the camera on certain items and the rest is still noticeable but not the focus of the picture! I am absolutely loving these pictures by Haley Sheffield!!

  23. -100. Angie Battle says:

    Breathtaking. Haley has a gift for capturing intimacy like no other photographer I know.

  24. -100. Melony Bagwell says:

    Fantastic photography! These are amazing!

  25. I love, love, love this wedding. So elegant and pretty!

  26. -100. Tess says:

    Stunning photos!

  27. -100. Brooke says:

    Ahhh. I love how all the simple elements of this come together and make it amazing!! As always Haley did an OUTSTANDING job!!! : )

  28. -100. Tiffany Gibbs says:

    Haley Sheffield is overflowing with talent!This is one of my favorite weddings captured by her! :)

  29. -100. Marion Warren says:

    “I gave you some love on the Wedding Chicks!” ~ I loved these photos. Remembering back to years ago and hearing your heart then and now seeing your dreams come true. So, happy for this blessing from God to you! Cannot wait to see want else he has planned for you!

  30. -100. Gaylyn says:


  31. -100. Erin says:

    Beautiful pictures and so talented

  32. -100. Brandy says:

    This is such a beautiful wedding. You can see the love and happiness in possesion of this couple captured through the photographs. Amazing work Haley.

  33. -100. Megan Ramsay says:

    Everything was so intimate and personal. Haley did a great job of capturing this couple!

  34. -100. MaryKay says:

    Best part is definitely the banners! Cutest idea ever!

  35. -100. Aubrey says:

    Where do I start!! The dress, the decor, the first look…. Absolutely lovely! Haley, you are magnificent & oh so talented! Love!

  36. -100. Carnegie says:

    I love the way they used the old bed frame to hold the cards. Haley has taken pictures of our family and this is so amazing.

  37. -100. Ellie says:

    I think the photos are fantastic! I love the lighting in all the photos… it is so complimentary to the whole “feel” of the wedding decor. She captured everything beautifully. The pictures of the tables and various decorative pieces are stunning. Simply lovely :)

  38. -100. Tiffany says:

    I love all of the little details of this wedding. It was perfect!

  39. -100. ARI The Beautiful says:

    Great details!

  40. -100. Krista says:

    Her dress was beautiful and I love the whole feel of the wedding. Haley can always capture the essence of who she is taking pictures of.

  41. -100. Delacy says:

    I absolutely LOVE how the photos capture the simple elegance of the wedding. I’m sure it was even more beautiful in person.

    Great job, Haley! :)

  42. -100. Sarah Sheffield says:

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL! Great job Haley! Love ya!

  43. -100. jessica brown :D says:

    i enjoy following your work so much. im always really excited when you post new pictures. i absolutly adore your style. you have such a way of creating such elegance and beauty in each frame and capture the pure emotions of each person you work with. thank you for sharing your vision with the world and keep on snapping :)

  44. -100. Melissa Bedingfield says:

    I have been admiring this wedding since the first photo was put on Haley’s website! I love the details that they put in to it! Love it Haley! You’re amazing!

  45. -100. Christa says:

    I actually was looking at this wedding on their blog, and loved the burlap ideas they tied into it!!! I didn’t even realize that it was Haley Photography!!! I love!!! :) Great Job!!!

  46. -100. Jazmyn says:

    I love the handmade touches of this wedding. Most people say you don’t remember the details of your wedding day – but these seem very personal and memorable for the couple. And the banners were just adorable!! T-minus 24 days until my big day and I can’t wait to see the images that Haley Sheffield captures for us!

  47. -100. Sara Mitchell says:

    Haley I love the pictures of the bride dancing with her friends! She is so pretty! You captured the moment perfectly!

  48. -100. Kimberly Matteson says:

    Beautiful wedding and wonderful job photographing it! Wish I could go back in time and have Haley photograph my wedding!

  49. -100. Summer W says:

    Everything about this wedding is amazing and the pictures capture all of the emotion and beauty. I’m getting married in December and this wedding is a close match to what I want mine to look like…especially that awesome cake!

  50. -100. Michelle Hooks says:

    Beautiful! Haley did such a wonderful job capturing the creativity and chicness of this wedding. I love the vintage feel. Absolutely gorgeous!

  51. -100. Bianca Broussard says:

    Haley, you are amazing. I love how you captured all of the decor. What a beautiful wedding, and you made me feel like I was there experiencing it all. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. -100. Alexis Walker says:

    Haley I have to say you have found your calling!! You have a way of capturing the most beautiful moments!! I can’t wait for my upcoming engagement session and wedding….I know the pictures will be beautiful!!

  53. -100. Chris Fellows says:

    I love the attention to detail in this wedding, and how this couple’s love for one another is obvious in every photo. Great job capturing it Haley! I cannot wait for you to work your magical creative mojo at my wedding :)

  54. -100. Sarah Kidney says:

    This wedding is absolute perfection. The attention and time given to executing every last, perfect detail is evident, and it was flawlessly captured by Haley. The spirit of the whole affair really shines through each photo. It really is absolutely beautiful.

  55. -100. Nicole Doran says:

    I may be biased, but I think Matt and Abbie have the most incredible love I know! Hayley was not only wonderful to have around, but she is amazing at what she does. Thanks to her our family can relive every detail of that perfect day whenever we want!

  56. -100. Summerly Foster says:

    Beautiful wedding! I loved how the photographer captured the emotion and the personalities of the couple in the photos! You could tell the couple were so in love and I think that is very important. I also liked the artistic feel of the wedding. It is nice to see traditional photos with a little more flare! Great Job!! -“I gave you some love on the Wedding Chicks!”

  57. -100. Rhonda Reed says:

    Wow!!! How stunning!!! All the pics were classey and very well done. But I have to say, I love the bed of cards. I have never seen this. What a unique idea! Great Job!!!

  58. -100. Lacey says:

    These pics are timeless! You have captured the day in a way that is simply beautiful, and I can’t tell you enough how much I admire your work. It amazes me to see how you allow the personality and emotion of those involved to flourish while keeping the look uniquely classic. You found your calling, girl. “I gave you some love on the Wedding Chicks!”

  59. -100. Sherrie says:

    Haley, once again you have captured a beautiful wedding. I love your pics, very taleted.

  60. -100. Bride Ideas says:

    We are loving these wedding photos! Especially the black and white photo of the wedding party! It just makes us smile!

  61. -100. Courtney Yllander says:

    I absolutely love this wedding. From the simplistic colors to the personalized aspects. I love the font they used for invitations, and the use of burlap (i think) to wrap the flowers. Ah. So gorgeous. Haley Sheffield did a FANTASTIC job capturing all of the small details of their big day. So glad I live close enough to utilize her for my big day!!

  62. -100. Brittany Mixon says:

    I absolutely love how Haley Sheffield captures not only the innocence of the bride, but the atmosphere of the wedding. Wedding photographers never forget to take photos of the people, but often forget to capture the small details that make the wedding perfect.
    Haley has such a gift! She gives the viewer the ability to feel exactly as if they are at the wedding.

  63. -100. Rebecca Ezell says:

    HALEY! I didn’t know this was your work at first! I StumbleUpon-ed this like a week ago and “favorite-ed” it and then shared it with Chad, my best friend (Jessica W. aka JDub) and my family! Everyone LOVED it. This is the look with are going for ~ a southern rugged elegance! Lots of mason jars and burlap!

    I love the use of the “Just Married” banner in the pictures and the candid girls dancing picture!

    Beautiful wedding and beautifully captured!

  64. -100. Laurene Greene says:

    I LOVE THIS! Beautiful wedding and beautiful photography! LOVE!

  65. -100. Lindsey G says:

    Wow! This wedding is absolutely stunning in photos! So magical! My fav pic is the one of the bride and groom with the cake! Haley–I love you & miss you and I gave you some love on the Wedding Chicks! :-)

  66. -100. Chad Brown says:

    Your work is phenomenal, my fiance (Rebecca Ezell) showed me your work and i feel in love with it instantly!! Much Love

  67. -100. Joni Schnable says:

    Hailey- You have such a talent! I would have to say that my most favorite part of these photos are of the emotional groom as he sees his bride for the first time. As a bride-to-be, I must say that the most memorial part of my day will most definitely be the 20 million different emotions that I will feel on that day. To actually see a “macho-man” groom feel that same feeling is remarkable- to capture it to share with others is priceless! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  68. -100. Miranda says:

    I LOVE their signs! “Just Married” and “Love Sweet Love.” The vintage feel to these pics is great!

  69. -100. Belen says:

    Such a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful capture!!! I really look up to you as a photographer, you are following your dreams and succeeding! Amazing <3

  70. Mmm, we’re a little late to the party, but even a year later, we’re still fans of the gorgeous warm colors and the tasteful use of the Catholic Church of St. Ann. It’s an excellent example of a shabby chic Atlanta wedding!

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