Rivini Necklaces By Rita Vinieris

We have to say that Rivini’s bridal necklaces are fit for a princess and beyond stunning.

This collection is for the bride looking for some major glamor. Each piece by Rivini’s Rita Vinieris will be the stand out piece in your bridal look.

If you do decide to flaunt something as opulent as this, keep it light and easy on the hair and simple on the earrings. A little in fashion goes a long way. See the entire line of jewels here and be sure to let us know what you think.

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  1. Would it be wrong to buy a dress AFTER buying a necklace? These are gorgeous!

  2. -100. Stephanie says:

    i love them all! i want one!

  3. -100. Miss JD says:

    I love love love them! I want them all!!

  4. -100. Kristin says:

    hi!!!! i am obsessed with the 5 strand multi layered rivni necklace by rita vinieris!! please tell me where i can purchase her collection. when i google her i just get pics with no further details. this would be the perfect compliment to my wedding dress!! thank you so much.

  5. -100. Lilly says:

    I purchased my Rivini gown a few months ago and this is the first time I’ve seen these! They are stunning and I would LOVE to wear one on my wedding day. Any information on where to buy these pieces?

  6. -100. Angie Sund says:

    Where can I purchase these necklaces? I must have one for my upcoming wedding:)

  7. -100. Jackey says:

    I absolutely Love these necklaces! Where can I purchase one?

  8. -100. Claudette Martinez says:

    I love your necklaceses how can I purchase one for my dream come true my wedding!

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