Delphine Manivet 2011 Wedding Dress Collection

Before we dive into Sweet Treats we have to pay homage to one of our sister bloggers, Merci New York, an over the top stylist and by far one of our favorite photographers, Elizabeth Messina. Combine the two with a romantic and soft Wedding Dress Collection from Delphine Manivet and you have pure magic. Click here to see the entire shoot on Merci New York, you won’t want to miss this.

To see the entire Delphine Manivet Wedding dress collection click here.

Photography: Elizabeth Messina
Dresses by Delphine Manivet, Available at The Lovely Bride in New York
Location: The Ukranian Insititute, NYC
Styling: Jacqueline Weppner, Merci New York
Flowers: Kathleen Hyppolite, Kat Flower
Hair: Michelle Lo Conte, Pink Comb Salon
Makeup: Lauren Iavarone, Expert Makeup Artistry Studio

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  1. -100. kelsy mccartney says:

    elizabeth messina’s work is so beautiful and inspiring! the image where the model/bride is holding the flowers like a headband has a prominent spot on my inspiration board :)

  2. -100. Dorothée and Annabel says:

    beautiful as always!

  3. Delphine Manivet and Elizabeth Messina are the perfect combination! I loved the last photo shoot that Elizabeth Messina did for Delphine – this is just as breathtaking! x

  4. -100. mike larson says:


  5. I love that Elizabeth Messina has such a distinct personality to her photographs. I don’t even to have to scroll to the bottom of the post to know they are her beautiful photographs! Elizabeth you inspire me!

  6. I love Manivet’s work. Combined with the rest of the team equals off-he-charts magic . . .

  7. -100. stephen Orlick says:

    Beautiful Delphine Manivet gowns. Outstanding wedding photography by Elizabeth Messina. So much and yet restrained. Walking that line with grace.

  8. -100. James Stokes says:

    To be able to spend a day in this women’s head. Adore.

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