Temecula Orange and Teal Wedding Ideas

How are the weekend wedding plans going? Here are some orange and teal wedding ideas to hopefully give you a little weekend inspiration. Nini and Allan tied the knot at the Temecula Creek Inn, a fabulous San Diego wedding venue. Their adorable wedding all captured by Temecula wedding photographer, Fairytale Creations. Be sure to check out the entire wedding gallery for all the thoughtful wedding details by clicking here.

Photography: Fairytale Creations Photography

Event Coordinator: Suzanne Apodaca of DeMaeSu Events
Catering: Temecula Creek Inn
Hair & Makeup: I Do Makeovers Joni Keller
Bridal Makeup: Kristene Foley
Wedding Pastor: Charlie Thorn
Florist: MFG Floral Designs and Events
Musician/DJ: Brian Stodart

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  1. -100. Leana says:

    Such beautiful photos! I love the bouquet and the wedding sign!

  2. -100. Courtney says:

    Thank you, Amy and Jocey! :) I love the Wedding Chicks and I am so honored to be featured today!!!

    Thank you, Leana! :)

  3. -100. Jasmine says:

    Love these colors together, and all the details in this wedding. Awesome Photos!

  4. -100. Leslie says:

    So beautiful! Love the colors!

  5. -100. Kerri Brown says:

    This wedding looks amazing!! What a unique and beautiful wedding, so classic yet so modern! The photographer did an AMAZING job!

  6. -100. Katie says:

    I love everything about this wedding! The Bride/Groom had such vision for their special day and Courtney of Fairytale Creations captured it brilliantly! Thank you Wedding Chicks this featured post rocks!!

  7. -100. Linda Hesley says:

    Courtney’s photography is just stunning! She puts so much thought and creation into each and every picture…you can see it in her pictures! They say “every picture tells a story” and her photos tell the heart and soul of each person!

  8. -100. Hollie and Jose Garcia says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning! All elements of the wedding were captured flawlessly! Bravo Fairytales Creations!

  9. -100. Jonah Sayson says:

    I didn’t imagine for all the details to look the way they did! The colors and the entire concept came out amazing. What a great eye you have, Courtney! Truly a fairytale!

  10. -100. Kristene Foley says:

    Hi Courtney,
    Wow your pictures look great (thanks to all my makeup work)! Just kidding. It is really neat to see our work put together in these wonderful photos.
    Truly awesome job.

  11. -100. ALLAN CHEUNG says:

    Courtney, Kirstene, Pastor Charlie, Brian and the rest of the wonderful people who helped us make the fascination happen… THANK YOU… you ALL rock!!!

    It’s been a joy. However simple our celebration may have been, it’s not one to forget. Because we all made it with heart.

  12. -100. Danielle K. says:

    What a gorgeous wedding and Courtney of Fairytale Creations does AMAZING work!!

  13. -100. Jhett Tolentino says:

    From the couple to the guests, from the ceremony to the reception, from the venue to the party, it was a perfect wedding.

    Courtney Allison of Fairytale Creations Photography is the lagniappe to this experience. Capturing every precious moment that leave a concrete imprint to my memory.

    It was an honor and privilege to be a part of such an intimate and pulchritudinous wedding. Congratulations Nini and Allan, and best wishes!

  14. -100. Demetra says:

    Amazing photos Courtney!!! Love all the detail shots!

  15. -100. Jerome Amanquiton says:

    Truly an amazing experience… from start to finish – Nini’s and Allan’s wedding is beyond beautiful! Thanks Courtney for capturing those timeless precious moments. Priceless!

  16. -100. alec basa says:

    Awesome photos! It was great to be part of this event, it went by so fast. I guess that’s why we have people like Courtney of Fairytale Creations to capture moments like this, while the rest of us are having fun.

  17. i love that shoe-shot in the bike wheel and the teal/orange inspiration is gorgeous!

  18. -100. James says:

    wonderful pictures! they truly captured the beauty, elegance and fun of this unforgettable occasion.

  19. -100. Niki Bradley says:

    WOW!!! Such a beautiful wedding and amazing photographs!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color scheme. Courtney did a stunning job…if I were to get married again…I would def. hire her!

  20. -100. lorraine lines says:

    Brilliant photography in its utmost artistic form! Every treasured moment was captured in still pictures. Such beautiful couple in a romantic, splendid wedding event. Congratulations and Best wishes to both of you!

  21. -100. DARA says:

    Every detail has been captured in an amazing way! Simply…perfect.

  22. -100. Danelle says:

    Talk about attention to detail!! This is beautiful and the photos capture it all!

  23. -100. Cortez Family says:

    A once in a lifetime to treasure forever with Beautiful photos caputuring Breath taking moments.

  24. -100. Heather Moxley says:

    Such a beautiful wedding. The colors and venue are amazing. The photos capture the beauty in such great detail! Love it!

  25. The baby photo is wonderful! I’ll have that picture with me all day.

  26. -100. lei villafuerte says:

    so honored to be a guest at this wedding…every detail is so awesome…so stunning! and by just looking at the photos,you get the same feeling of amazement on how this couple have kept their love and promise…a true fairytale!

  27. -100. March says:

    Beautiful,solemn,natural,elegant,meaningful,special,unique, lovely and full of substance. To Nini and Allan, these pictures capture everything! Amongst all the memories, these pictures by itself are telling a timeless story… Congratulations to both of you and to everybody who made this possible. Job well done!

  28. -100. tristina craft says:

    courtney the photos are amazing. you have such a gift and an eye to capture the most amazing images…the color is beautiful. the photography is the most special part of the wedding because it tells the story that the couple will remember for a lifetime…congrats on always achieving it!

  29. -100. rhona and aris says:

    Loved everything! congratulations and great job Courtney! We are so proud to refer you to our friends and family. And we are proud to see our daughter in here too! More blessings to you.

  30. -100. Andrea Koo says:

    Love the color scheme. That photo of the bride looking straight into the camera is beautiful…she looks stunning. Nicely photographed :)

  31. -100. Rose Pueblos-Milana says:

    Awesome pictures from Courtney..very nice details and she captured all the precious moments. It was the most beautiful wedding I’ve been to. Great job Courtney!

  32. -100. Alice says:

    I was wondering if teal and orange would work. Thanks for showing that it can!

  33. -100. Janina says:

    These photos are truly like a fairytale come true and to life, like a page from the books. I couldn’t believe it. They really look like something from a magazine. I joked with my coworker who attended (You didn’t go to this wedding, these photos are from a magazine. Until he appeared in one of the photos. Looking like a stand in for a photo shot!) Who ever took these photos are a master at their craft. Truly a work of art! Truly captured the moment! Love them!

  34. -100. charlene says:

    These pictures are truly amazing. They look like they are from a magazine. They are so elegant and so romantic. My good friend Jerome sang at this wedding and I couldn’t believe the pictures when he showed us. I thought they were straight from a magazine. These pictures are proof that you don’t need to have a big wedding in order to have a beautiful wedding.

  35. -100. Keith says:

    Excellent photography. The shots really show the colors working together. I really like all the cute composition, too.

  36. -100. Julie Quizon says:

    Best wishes and Congratulations Doc Nini and Allan!=)

  37. -100. Lilly says:

    I loved the photos!!! Espeically the flower girl one!

  38. -100. Alice Tsai says:

    I’m soo glad you finally uploaded your photos so I can see them! Congrats you two! I really like the bike idea… though it would have been cuter to see you two try to ride that (nini in a dress and allan in a tux)!!!

  39. -100. Tina says:

    Really dig the wedding sign & the background was beautiful!

  40. -100. Jimmy says:

    I agree, you should have climbed onto the bike!

  41. -100. George says:

    I like the colors show up so vibrantly in the photographs. The two little people figurines next to the cupcakes are very cute and totally look like the couple! This is a very pretty venue!

  42. -100. Paw Galvarole says:

    Really fantastic! The wedding was beautifully done and with such great taste. Congratulations Nini and Allan!

  43. -100. OZZIE says:

    Simply liking it!!!… Love the colors!!!

  44. -100. Joy Santacera says:

    This was an awesome wedding! Very simple and yet elegant. Courtney captured the couple’s vision down to the very minute details. She was amazing and very accommodating. If I am not already in love, the whole atmosphere of this wedding made feel like I wanted to be! For that one brief afternoon, I was transported into the place where fairytales do come true. Thank you Courtney for capturing with your lens the stuff that dreams are made of.

  45. -100. cyrille ann yu says:

    beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!!! the awesome pics say it all!:)

  46. -100. ces says:

    Everything about this wedding is adorable……Love it!

  47. That baby! What an adorable photo!

  48. -100. Anne & Ted Johnson says:

    This couple’s a keeper!!!… Beautiful presentation that they did~!

  49. -100. mindy says:

    this is a great couple, and these photographers managed to capture them perfectly! you guys look fabulous! i am so sorry that we couldn’t make it there!

  50. -100. julianna says:

    great photos and of course jonah, you look beautiful! sorry we couldn’t be there!

  51. -100. KEISHA PENNER says:

    The pictures surely look very romANTIC!!!… THE BRIDE looks very beautiful!…

  52. -100. Andi says:

    Stunning photos! The color scheme is beautiful. Courtney, you did an amazing job of catching all of the details and the emotions between the bride and groom. I am SO glad you are our photographer for our wedding next year!

  53. -100. Angie says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Courtney Allison and Fairytale Creations Photography are truly amazing at what they do, they are very talented and professional. These images encompass all the touches and details that made this wedding so beautiful. Excellent photos and beautiful wedding!

  54. -100. Heaven On Earth says:

    I was pleased with how easy it was to work with Courtney. Shes wonderful! She also captured a lot of wedding details that makes this wedding so uniquely elegant in the most romantic way. It is like looking back to the good old days in nostalgia and a lot of fondness…except those days are here.

  55. -100. Lilie Abad says:

    Beautiful photos. I love the flower girl idea and the detail shots… A fairytale wedding indeed!

  56. -100. amabelle says:

    Perfect!!! love the colors, lovely pictures you have….

  57. -100. Carolyn Diak says:

    does anyone know where those shoes are from? they are fantastic!

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