Birdies we still heart you


Birdies we still heart you. I know some of you are over all the adorable bird wedding things… but we still absolutely adore anything bird related. Are you in aww of the hand painted weding cake, we are in love with the JollyBe is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and serves the greater New York area. made the lovely these tiny bird’s nests symbolize spring and the start of new life. Love those!

The illustration of the bird was taken from the graphics fairy who has some amazing free vintage clip art that you can use.

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DIY wedding silhouettes idea


Silhouette art has charmed us for centuries. Now, it’s making a comeback, especially at weddings.

One does not automatically associate Country Living Magazine with weddings but, they have some amazing ideas in there. Like the DIY silhouette board. Country Living Magazine displays at an entry way for notes and messages, but it would be perfect at a wedding for guests to leave their well wishes. After the wedding you can use it as at the entry way.

Below are instructions.

STEP 1. Download and print our profile templates, then use a photocopier to enlarge them by 130 percent.

STEP 2. Center each enlarged profile on an 11- by 17-inch corkboard ($4.99 per board;, and trace around it with a pen.

STEP 3. Working on a protected surface, such as a chopping block or self-healing mat, slowly score the pen lines with an X-Acto knife. Because of the cork’s thickness, you’ll need to go over each cut several times before slicing all the way through.

STEP 4. Spray the silhouettes with two coats of flat black paint, let dry overnight, and hang with adhesive mounting strips ($2.49 for nine;

Download the profile templates here from Country Living Magazine

photo credits All the images are taken from Country Living Magazine except for the two bottom right which where found at bird and banner who we heart.

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DIY wedding flowers + make your own napkins


We love the idea of anything DIY, makes for great photos, lovely memories and great table conversation at the wedding. Great design does not have to cost a lot, especially if you do it yourself.

Cans with colorful graphics make unexpected, offbeat vases and can be super cheap. Plus you get something to eat out of it as well. sells Grand Boxes which include plenty of flowers to create multiple bouquets. The above peonies are from

This offbeat idea was taken from Glamour Magazine and photographed by Stuart Tyson Making your own wedding napkins might take a bit of prepping but in the end you will be so thrilled. Especially if after the wedding you have some cute napkins to remember your special day. teaches you exactly how to whip out some handmade napkins. She also has an addicting site that has some amazing fabrics, patterns, books whatever you need. The bundle of fabric above is

If you are wondering where the absolutely adorable fabric above is from, wonder no more it is from (love that name).

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FREE DIY Project Templates from WED VERT


So since we are on a DIY craze, I had to post about these freebies from I found them while visiting I stop by there quite often to see what Luzel is up to and I am pretty sure you will be super excited on what she found over at You are able to download vintage inspired day of material that match WedVert’s Yoko Chapman line of eco-friendly wedding invites! How incredible is that?

Click on over to download all the coordinating candle shade, envelope wrap, fortune cookie, and votive wrap templates. Thanks Luzel for your great find!

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