Having a Connecticut Wedding?

Check out all of unique Conneticut Wedding Vendors from amazing Conneticut Wedding Coordinators who will help you plan your special day to our magical Conneticut Wedding Photographers who will capture all those spectacular memories.

The above photo was taken by the talented  Kelly Vasami.

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Personalized Wedding Favors From Jones Soda

We love the idea of anything personalized for your wedding. Even more so if you know it is going to be used or eaten and not thrown into the trash. One of our top wedding picks is personalized sodas by Jones Soda. First off, they are super cute & tasty and secondly, they come in wide variety of flavors and colors to match any theme.

Jones Soda makes it super easy for you to upload your photo they also offer some other really cool features like editing the Label on the back of the soda as well. So.. it is completely unique.

We took some of our favorite photographers and threw up a few engagement shoots onto the Jones Soda website and viola a totally cute wedding favor.

top orange soda Vue Photography
top purple soda Sloan Photographers
top blue buggle gum soda Jessica Strickland

bottom purple soda The Image Is Found

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