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Joceybella Invites presents, Wedding Suites! A little wedding package that includes your invite and response card along with both printed envelopes. If you need extra goodies like save the date cards, table numbers, place cards, menus, programs or driving maps these are also available to match your package and can be purchased all together for extra savings.

One  our first packages is designed by Kari, who has actually been featured on the WC before. She is  an old  friend of Jocey’s that had a fabulous engagement shoot done by Michael Norwood. Who we absolutely love. Long story short that friend is Joceybella’s first Guest Designer and her actual Wedding Invites will sold as one of our suites. Above and below are pictures of some of the goodies from the package.

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The Art of The Envelope

Some basic addressing tips:

It is traditional to use the complete, formal name and address of
your invited guests on the outer envelope of a double envelope set and
on the outside of a single envelope. Do not use abbreviations other
than Mr. or Mrs. Spell out Avenue, Road, and Street as well as the
State name. Include zip codes on the same line with the city and

The inner envelope of a double envelope set (if you choose to have one) carries only
the last name preceded by titles (Mr., Mrs., Doctor) of the primary
person or couple being invited. There are no addresses. Invited
children’s first names appear under the parents names. (Invited

children over 18 or older still dwelling with their parents should
receive separate invitations.) If you are allowing single people, who
are not dating anyone in particular, to bring a guest, you would say so
on this inner envelope by adding “and guest” to their title and
surname. If you are using a single envelope, you must put this
information on the outside of the single envelope by adding the
children’s names below the parents names or the guest line
beside the single guest name. The liners above are from ici paper and the simply lovely decorative envelopes are from Papayrus.


What you will need!
Decorative paper
Bone folder
Paper cutter
Scrap paper
Glue stick

How to!
1. To make an envelope liner, measure the width of your envelope, and subtract 1/4 inch. For the length, fold back the flap of the envelope, and measure from the bottom of envelope to tip of flap, just under the gummed strip. Using a paper cutter, cut a sheet of paper to these dimensions.

2. Slip the paper into the envelope, and fold the corners down just below the glue line, using a bone folder to create sharp creases. Remove the paper from the envelope, and cut off the corners along the folds.

3. Insert liner sheet into envelope, and fold down flap. Lift up the envelope flap, keeping the liner folded. Slip a piece of scrap paper under the liner flap to protect envelope from glue. Run the glue stick over the edges of the back of the liner.

4. Slip out scrap paper. Close down the outer flap over liner, and rub with fingertip to adhere glue to flap.

The above image is from our new Joceybella Suites!

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With This Ring Part 3

A girl has to dream! Fay Cullen offers a wide variety of jewelry but what we where drawn to most was her vast collection of Antique Rings. We especially love her Art Deco Collection. With all these choices it is so hard to decide what one would be happy with forever.

The first  lot of rings is designed by one of our favoirtes Sarah Perlis What is really unique about Sarah’s approach to designing wedding rings is the fact that she actually has the husband/wife-to-be come into her studio, and go through the entire design process with her. That sounds incredibly romantic.

For the girl who knows exactly what she wants Antique Engagement Rings offers a wide variety elegant rings.  Complete with GIA paper work and tons of photos. All items shipped have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you receive item and don’t like for any reason, call or email for return shipping instructions. There is no fee or penalty for returning any item.

Last but not least we have the whimsical Nicole Landlaw. Nicole went to goldsmithing training at the Fachhochschule ¼ Gestaltung in Pforzheim, Germany. She combines her intricately sculpted 14 and 18 karat gold designs with diamonds and custom-cut semi-precious stones. Ohh so lovely!

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