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What You Need To Know Before You Pick Your Flowers

  Coming in at about 10% of your overall wedding budget (on average), one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your big day is your flowers. And trust us when we say, good florals are worth every penny! They can completely transform a space and add life and magic to your photos. But, for most couples, flowers are a complete mystery. Sure, you know what you like. You have your favorite flowers that your honey picks up for every anniversary, your wedding Pinterest board is in full bloom, but what do you really know about flowers? Do you know if those peonies you’ve been fawning over are even in-season during your wedding? Or did you know that the orchid bouquet you fell in love with is going to cost more than your wedding shoes? We talked to Kate Truhlar of Kate Truhlar Florals and got the inside scoop on everything you need to know before your floral appointment and some tips for getting the most bang for your buck!   While you’re thinking about florals, did you know that you can actually rent plants for your wedding? Here’s why renting some plants for your big day can be as chic as it is eco-friendly.  

Everything You Need To Know About Everyone’s Favorite Flower

  First, we asked Kate what the most popular flower request is and the answer was easy–peonies. And, we can’t say we’re surprised. According to Kate, “they are lush, beautiful, and romantic, so it’s easy to see why they are a crowd favorite.” But Kate informed us that “Peony season is short-lived…they bloom in early spring for only a few weeks. If a couple wants them and they’re out of season, they can typically be purchased from a wholesaler but at a cost, anywhere from $15-$30 per stem depending on the variety.” That is crazy expensive, especially because we are likely talking about hundreds of flowers and that adds up fast. So, if your wedding won’t be complete without peonies make sure the venue you want has some spring dates available so you don’t have to shell out a ton for out-of-season flowers.   

A Great Dupe For The Most Expensive Flowers On The Market 

  When you get your bill for flowers, even if it’s itemized, the prices are usually listed per arrangement, so you never really know how much each of the individual flowers costs. We were curious, so we asked Kate what popular wedding flower is the most expensive. “Orchids are generally the most expensive option out there,” she said. “We see a lot of brides wanting to use cymbidiums in their bouquets for that modern cascading look. While beautiful, an individual stem can cost anywhere from $45-$75!” And that’s for just ONE STEM! The great news is that there are more affordable varieties. “Dendrobiums or phalaenopsis can achieve the look for a little less.” Kate also mentioned that you can get a similar look by using Iris at a fraction of the cost.   

Do This Not That

  As with every element of a wedding, flowers have trends, and we were curious to know what is the most overrated one of the moment. According to Kate, “Silver dollar eucalyptus has had its moment. There are so many beautiful, lush options for foliage, especially in that sage-green color family.” We also wanted to know if there were any flowers that are being overlooked that couples should be aware of and we were surprised by Kate’s answer. “The most underrated floral/foliage is available at your local flower farmer! Flower farms are popping up everywhere and are often a hidden gem right within your state and even county. Local farmers can provide native florals without the many processes our wholesale florals endure which results in a fresher, heartier product, typically at 1⁄3 of the cost.” So, when you meet with your florist make sure to ask if there are any locally grown flowers that they recommend. Not only can you save big $$$, but your flowers will look better and last longer, and you’ll be supporting local farmers…It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!  

Where To Splurge And Where To Save

  You’ve already allocated a certain amount of your wedding budget to florals, but did you know that you should have a budget within your budget? You’ll have to decide how much you want to spend on centerpieces, bouquets, installations, etc. Don’t freak out though, we got you! Kate helped us break down where you should invest the majority of your floral budget and where you can save without having to sacrifice style or impact. “Your bouquet will likely get captured quite a bit, so I like to make this one area to pull out all the stops.” Surprisingly centerpieces are a great place to save BIG if you do it right. “If your guest list is long and you have 20+ tables, you may want to consider doing 2-3 styles of centerpieces to cut your costs. More flowers=more money, so think of a combination of compote centerpieces, bud vases, and candles. A little can go a long way here.”   

What Your Florist Wishes You Knew

  “While we love a classic, all-white and greenery-heavy wedding, infusing a little color is not as much of a risk as you think it is. Color will bring life and personality to your wedding beyond what you had imagined. I *think* I speak for most florists when I say this, but we really love to hear, ‘I trust you.’ We know you’ve come across our website or Instagram account and our style has resonated with you. So, let us play! As designers and professionals in the industry, it’s our job to take your vision and run with it and we love to feel empowered to do so. So if you’re thinking an all-white theme is safe, but you’ve loved lavender your whole life, tell us! These little touches are what personalize your day, and what will take your breath away when your florals are delivered.”