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Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You’re Eloping

Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You're Eloping Photo:

Because of COVID, a lot of couples are choosing to elope–from city hall ceremonies to extravagant destinations, we've seen it all. One great thing that we're noticing is that couples are still investing in a celebration, even if they decide to forgo the big guest list. Brides and grooms alike are sporting multiple outfit changes, the flowers (or should we say floral installations) are getting bigger than ever, but the one thing that you may not think to order for your elopement is wedding invitations. After all, why would you order invitations if you're not inviting anyone? Well, we will break it down for you right here! 

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1. They Are Works Of Art

Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You're Eloping Photo:

Invitation designers and calligraphers are artists first and foremost. You'd be surprised what they can do, all you have to do is ask. Some couples even have a painting done of their venue or a portrait of themselves commissioned for their invitations. 

Invitation Suite by Promesse GraphiqueBorn from the alliance between the passion for the world of marriage and artisanal creation, Promesse Graphique offers you the possibility to create with you and for you an announcement and the invitation suite that corresponds to your style. 

2. They Look Great In An Album Or A Frame

Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You're Eloping Photo:

Having your photographer do a flat-lay with your wedding invitation suite (like the one above) is a must-have on any wedding day shot list! It'll look great in your wedding photo album, or you can go ahead and frame the invite itself.

Invitation Suite by Manousenia Design: At Manousenia Design, they believe that "good design lasts longer."

3. Extra Budget To Have Them Custom-Made

Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You're Eloping Photo:

Because you won't need to order a ton, you can have them custom-made. That means working with your stationer to select every last detail from the paper and the calligraphy to the stamps and accessories.  

Invitation Suite by Esperanza AtelierI believe every detail matters and is an opportunity to express the mood of the event. Some of the words that people use to describe my designs are: elegant, soft, romantic, and organic.

4. You Can Have Matching Announcements Made

Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You're Eloping Photo:

You'll still want to tell all of your loved ones the happy news, and most couples do that with wedding announcements. You can ask your stationery designer to make matching wedding announcements to send out to your family and friends to let them know you tied the knot. It's also a great idea to order vow books that coordinate with your invitation suite. If you have your vows written ahead of time, you can ask your calligrapher to inscribe them in your books for you. They make great keepsakes and look super cute in photos!

A Good Day is a boutique design firm specializing in eclectic, one-of-a-kind event stationery with a touch of the avant-garde. We use unconventional materials because we believe that touch can play a key role in your guests’ experience. 

5. Tangible Way To Commemorate Your Wedding Day

Why You Should Order An Invitation Suite Even If You're Eloping Photo:

We know...everyone says it, but it's so true. Your wedding day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. It's nice to have something tangible (that's not hidden in the back of your closet) that reminds you of the day you said, "I do.". Think of it like Cinderella's glass slipper, only way more practical.  

Invitation Suite by Whimsy Design StudioBased in Houston, Texas, Whimsy Design Studio is a boutique graphic design and art studio that specializes in weddings and events. Our passion is creating wedding designs that capture our client’s unique style and wow their guests. 

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