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Tiny Shindigs Takes Your Custom Invites to the Next Level

Tiny Shindigs Takes Your Custom Invites to the Next Level Photo Credit:

You know those people who live up to that mantra of never having to ‘go to work’ because they ‘love what they do?’ They can be annoying, right? Well, only because that’s how cynical and jaded we can be as humans every now and again. They’re the ones who know what’s up, who make every day in the office or studio into a vacation, who we should all strive to be like - and the owner of Tiny Shindigs, Amelia Adams, is one of them. I haven’t even met Amelia, but she strikes me as a real-life Princess Poppy ((you know you’re momming hard when Trolls is your go-to reference)). She’s effervescent, energetic, friendly, and legit feels like a family member, and as far as wedding vendors go, that’s the goal: to find professionals for your wedding dream team who don’t end up feeling like business partners. A wedding is intimate, it’s emotional, and everyone on board for it should be wayyy wrapped up in your love story. Amelia does that with original, custom invitations that add the sweetest personal touches to her clients’ big days.

Festive papers for party people

Sounds just like Poppy, right? Although, instead of glitter and scrapbooking, Amelia gets crafty with whimsical watercolor illustrations that are tailored to each of her couple’s aesthetics and personalities. She specializes in custom crests, monograms, pet portraits (oh yes), venue illustrations, and wedding maps, and compliments her designs with a number of printing techniques like letterpress, die cuts, hot foil stamping, embossing, and bespoke papers and ribbon. And it’s all incredible, beautiful, signature; if there was a word that was bigger, more descriptive than ‘special,’ Tiny Shindigs, we’d have to give you all the credit for it, because that’s what the work is - it’s special and some.

Tiny Shindigs Takes Your Custom Invites to the Next Level Photo Credit:

Now about those goods…

Let’s first talk about the reasons why you might want to employ Amelia and her furry assistants (just check out her ‘About Me’ page, you’ll get what we mean) for your nuptials correspondence. And yes, she’s based in Charleston, SC, but she hardly limits herself to Holy City couples - both local and out-of-town brides are welcome!!

You’re simply smitten with watercolor. 

I definitely am, especially when it’s preceded by the word ‘whimsical.’ Amelia’s watercolor wizardry is, bar none, some of the best I’ve ever seen - and you can’t help but feel hopeful, excited, blissful when you’re opening up a wedding invitation and you’re hit with a lot of color, soft flourishes and brushstrokes, an etched-quality that is homespun while still being chic and haute artistic. 

You’re going in on your shared household real hard. 

Every bride goes through a period of ‘OMG, I’m really getting married,’ which is often followed by ‘whoa, I’m going to have a new last name, too.’ And the nerves are a lot, but they’re also exciting, so when a bride finally gets into her upcoming changes and wants to celebrate them, it’s a great opportunity to go about a custom couple / family crest. Your date, your names, your flowers, any element that adds to your branding is fair game and the process to create one is totally collaborative. Plus, Amelia’s a huge advocate for this custom crest having a long life, well after the wedding is over. SO ARE WE!

Tiny Shindigs Takes Your Custom Invites to the Next Level Photo Credit:

You’re in love with your venue. 

And when we say ‘in love with,’ it’s not hyperbole. Remember that first time you went to visit your venue? You walked up to it, eyes filled with wonder and ‘this is it’ assuredness, and even after booking your event, you've dreamt about that special place - where it’ll all go down - almost every night. The image is burned into your brains in the best way possible. If your love affair with your wedding spot is just that strong, why wouldn’t you want a custom illustration of the venue as a focal point for your correspondence? Your guests will know exactly where they’re going on your big day, just looking for that iconic landmark you’ve so eloquently stamped on all your stationery.

You want to make them an offer they can’t refuse. 

Eh, maybe not an ‘offer,’ per se, but by sending a stunning watercolor illustration (that’s custom, spectacular, and way out-of-the-ordinary), you’re kind of extending an invitation that they’ll HAVE to accept. Amelia’s wedding maps help the cause, too, because when guests see what they’re in for, what cool nearby spots they can scout, what fun activities are on the docket for the weekend, they’ll know 100p that that’s where they’ll want to be.

Tiny Shindigs Takes Your Custom Invites to the Next Level Photo Credit:

You’re head over heels for the whole damn thing. 

Whether it’s your venue, your flowers, your food, your family, whatever floats your boat about your wedding, if you can infuse it into your paper goods, then you’re golden. Amelia does it with custom envelope liners, she does it with adorable pet portraits, anything that means something to her clients, she makes her first priority.

Oh! And back to my earlier point about those people who truly love what they do so much that it never feels like a job? Well just take a peek at Amelia’s Insta page for a second. This woman devotes herself entirely to her clients and she makes it all look so easy and effortless. I guess if I could paint, draw, illustrate the way she can, I too could make it look flawless. She just goes the extra mile to ensure that she delivers everything and more to her soon-to-be-married misses and misters.

Tiny Shindigs Takes Your Custom Invites to the Next Level Photo Credit:

Custom invitations, a crest or some portraits? Whatever your needs, Amelia’s got the talent and the heart to make your visions an even better reality. Get in touch now to discuss something special!


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We partnered with Tiny Shindigs to share some pretty paper inspiration for the start of wedding planning season! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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