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The Invites From Lovepop Weddings Get Framed, Not Thrown Away

Lovepop Weddings 3D Wedding Invites

I thought maybe it was because life with a one-year-old toddler at home means books are of the board variety, and every story hassss to have some interactive quality, pop up, pull out or peekaboo feature, but then I realized that, no, I’m partial to 3D tales because they’re just the best. There’s a certain kind of feels a person gets when they open a pop up book, and I can witness it in the way my son’s eyes twinkle when he turns the pages. It’s pure joy, and it isn’t only felt by the tiny ones, it hits us too! Well, Lovepop Weddings knew how to bottle up that excitement and let everyone share in it with a new wave of wedding invites that have ALL the personality. They sponsored this post to give couples getting married a great way to get their guests psyched about the day.

Truth be told, I have a keepsake box - probably got it at Michaels or Home Goods well before my own wedding - and I’ve kept all of my favorite cards, from my bridal shower, wedding day, baby shower, son’s baptism, and special birthdays in there for years. I even have a few of my friend’s and family’s wedding invites in there, because I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away correspondence of my crew’s I Dos. I know how much I poured over my own wedding invites, so I could never just dump the designs my besties and family members selected for their special days, either. Not to mention, I’m a stationery junkie, so pretty paper has a powerful effect on my mood. I’ve looked at my wedding invitation enough times when I’m stressed, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t peeked at a few of my other favorites to force a smile (on a particularly pressuresome day), as well…

But I’m in the minority with my harmless, yet sappy invite hoarding ways. Most of my peers just hold the fridge real estate open until the wedding comes and goes, and then the magnets come off and the invites make their way to the recycling 😧. Lovepop is determined to put an end to that. And with my sentimentality and nostalgia over nuptials, I’m pretty sure I’d be opening a Lovepop Weddings invite and getting it mounted if I had my choice.

Lovepop Wedding 3D Wedding Invite

So, why are these invitations adored so insanely? Check it!

Lovepop Weddings offers personalized, handcrafted wedding invitations. Every Lovepop creation features unique, 3D elements designed to bring your story to life. With hundreds of scenes, colors, and options to choose from, your invitation will capture the essence of your celebration and let your guests share in the magic moment.

There’s seriously nothing like opening a Lovepop invitation for the first time. From the moment the surprise is revealed, your guests don’t just get a glimpse of the wedding to come, they get a keepsake that builds anticipation and excitement for the day and can be cherished long after.

It’s kind of like this… but not really.


Your part is so easy!

The Lovepop Weddings Design Studio will help you design invitations that tell your original story. All you have to do is provide your wedding details, select some visual inspiration from LP’s mood boards, color palettes, and more, and they’ll handle the rest.

You’ll even work with your own wedding concierge to ensure every step of the way is stress-free and seamless from start to finish. Whether you need to make adjustments to your order or put in a special request, you can trust in your Lovepop person to keep you in the loop. And you can do it all over 📞💻📱.

And you don’t have to go broke, either!

Lovepop invitations are a premium experience, from quality materials to innovative laser-cutting techniques - all guided by design consultants and assembled by hand. It’s not just invitations and elegant envelopes, you can get response (already stamped with postage for the return) and information cards for an additional cost. And your consults with the experts, final design and proof are ALL included, for freeeee. So, even if you’re not sure you have it in the budget to send your guests something like this, request a complimentary sample, page through the pricing options, and work with your concierge to keep the consideration open.

Lovepop Wedding 3D Wedding Invite

These clients have stories to tell for years!

“My grandmother who is 90 years old still carries one around in her purse with her and when she’s out in public she shows it to everybody.” - Jamie

"We had a great experience with Lovepop! We struggled to find invitations that would be customizable, easy to order and really special, but we found them with Lovepop! Their communication is awesome and they were *SO* patient with us through multiple edits and changes in our design and were polite and professional through the whole process." - Wes D

"They were absolutely great to work with and even created multiple proofs until we had the design just right. The cards are incredible and very unique. Our guests keep calling us to tell us how much they LOVE them! Shipping was fast and arrived exactly as promised in nicely hand packed boxes to make for easy mailing on our part. I would HIGHLY recommend these invites! Thanks Lovepop for creating such beautiful invitations for our day!" - Jessica H

And if your grandma is still telling the world how magical your wedding invites were, you must have done something right!! Don’t miss out on making the best first impression - get a complimentary sample now!


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We partnered with Lovepop Weddings to share the best kept secret for keeping wedding invites out of the trash and in your guests’ hearts forever. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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