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We found the perfect wedding website–meet Riley & Grey

wedding website by Riley & Grey

These days, a wedding website is a must, but where do you even start? Before you try to learn how to write HTML, rest easy knowing there are sites that make wedding websites for you. Allow us to recommend one of the most all-inclusive, user-friendly platforms we’ve come across–Riley & Grey. Their wedding website templates are designed by editorial experts and fashion industry insiders so your guests are getting a chic first impression of your big day right off the bat. With their easily customized templates, you can build a beautiful wedding website effortlessly and showcase your story and style. But the sites from Riley & Grey are so much more than just a landing page, let’s get into it…

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RSVP management

multi platform wedding website with RSVP management and mobile from Riley & Grey

Quite possibly the hardest part of guest management is the RSVPs. Even if you mail them the stamped envelopes, you’d be shocked how many guests simply forget to post them (or maybe not because we’ve all been that guest before). This is really where a solid wedding website like Riley & Grey can help. You can send digital copies of your invites to all of your guests and they can RSVP right then and there on their phone or computer. Then, Riley & Grey goes the extra mile and organizes all of the RSVPs for you into one easy list that you can pass along to your planner and all of your other vendors that need to be in the know like the caterer and venue coordinator. Guests can also RSVP for more than just the wedding itself, so get the most out of your Riley & Grey site and use it to organize your rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch too! And don’t worry, you can select which guests you extend each invitation to.

plus 1 permissions

One of the most awkward parts of wedding planning is fielding uncomfortable calls and texts from family and friends requesting a plus one. Riley & Grey’s RSVP platform makes everything super clear, ie. who is and is not allowed a plus one so there’s no confusion.

tons of customization

You’re here, so we know you appreciate good wedding design and you definitely have your own ideas when it comes to your big day. Riley & Grey sets you up for success with their gorgeous templates, but there is plenty of room to make it your own with design details, add in all of the important info, link your registry, and even customize your domain!

track preferences

wedding website welcome page from Riley & Grey

Whether you’re offering your guests their choice of entrees or collecting preferences, Riley & Grey’s system makes getting this info as seamless as possible. Plus, it’s 2023 and everyone has a dietary restriction. It’s important to collect all of that info ahead of time and get it to your caterer so they can plan accordingly.

send reminders and messages

Parking instructions, rain plans, transportation info, there are plenty of last-minute reminders that you’ll need to send to your guests. And while you could text them individually or start the group chat to end all group chats, how much easier would it be to just send a message through your wedding website? Riley & Grey makes sending reminders and messages easy and you can select exactly who to send them to.


mobile compatible wedding website by Riley & Grey

Believe it or not, not all wedding websites are mobile-compatible, but Riley & Grey’s are! And, they even show you a preview of what your site will look like on mobile before you commit. Take it from us when we say a mobile site is the best way to stay in touch with your guests and make sure they actually see your messages.

say it online and in print

wedding website that also offers printing services Riley & Grey

No matter how beautiful your wedding website is, Riley & Grey knows that there is something so special about holding your wedding invite in your hand or your friends and family receiving it in the mail. That’s why they offer elegant, luxury paper invites to match or compliment your wedding website.

Ready to make it official? Browse Riley & Grey’s unique design templates and start your wedding website for free.

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We partnered with Riley & Grey to make sure building your wedding website is stress-free. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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