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Upgrade Your Wedding Invites Without Breaking The Bank


Your beautiful wedding dress might steal the spotlight on your wedding day, but do you know that you make the same impact with your wedding stationery too? Look no further.

If you love everything about making an impression (no, it’s not a sin!), our friends at Paperlust shared helpful tips on how to add the so-much-needed bling to your wedding invitations that won’t cost you a pretty penny. Read on

Use various die-cut shape combinations for the wedding invitation suite


Die-cut shape wedding invites always give us chills whenever we see one, and yes, this is the reason why we put this on the top of the list. It’s beautiful, trendy, and cost-friendly! This Sandy Shores design from Paperlust comes in a combination of blush, black and desert blue hues . They use variations of an arch and a half arch die-cut.

We also love how Paperlust combines various colored paper stocks to build the perfect mood to group the stationery set. If you’re looking for a cool tone invitation suite or if your wedding takes place near the beach, this design is perfect for you. Head up to their paper selection here and prepare yourself to be amazed by the vast selection of beautiful colored and textured papers!

Layered vellum wedding invitations

PaperLust Save the Date

While photo invitations are gorgeous, they have become all too common for a save the date card. If you’re into photo invites (or photo Save the Dates ) but want to take photo cards to the next level, upgrading this card with a vellum overlay is your answer.

Say hello to this beautiful vellum layer invitation ! This Liv design by Paperlust uses white ink printing for the vellum, and we found it brilliant as it helps soften the photo printing in the background. We love this design because everything is laid out in the perfect portion just to create a very modern and beautiful result.

Destination Wedding Invites

The most fun part of having a destination wedding is to get everyone prepared and as excited as you are for the wedding day. Nothing is better than having a boarding pass invitation when it comes to destination weddings (one ticket to the wedding!). This Escape Wallet design from Paperlust is exactly what you need for your upcoming destination wedding.

Three things we love the most; the perfect detail layout replacing a premium first class style boarding pass, the smooth curved edges, and a QR code (who doesn’t love instant access to instantly RSVP?!).

Go for an all-in-one wedding invite

All-in-one invitations from Paperlust

Here’s the thing about going budget-friendly and having a cost-effective wedding invite, fit everything in one place or not at all. Instead of having separate invitations, RSVP cards, and information cards, you can save money by getting a bigger (but efficient) trifold invitation. This is the exact reason why we couldn’t stop looking at these beautiful minimalist all-in-one invitations from Paperlust. You can even do a custom shape like in the photo above, it folds down to show a beautiful circle to highlight the couple's wedding monogram. It’s the perfect solution for couples who want a stylish customized wedding invitation that is simple to create, neatly packaged, looks fabulous and is reasonably affordable.

Add an Envelope Liner to your Wedding Invitation Suite

Envelope liners

When it comes to styling invitation envelopes, we like the idea of having a custom printed envelope liners. What most people don’t know is that liner is more than just a pretty paper; but also helps protect your invitation through the mail. It gives extra stiffness to your invitation suite to ensure your wedding invites don’t get easily torn or bent. The good news is Paperlust just added their new season designs to their envelope liners collection this week, which makes it even harder to choose one out of these dozens of beauties!

Use Your Paperlust Discount

We are so glad to finally be able to find a website that has both easy-to-use design customization tools and a massive collection of beautiful designs. They are constantly adding new cool products to their catalogue, which makes us super excited to see what’s coming next.

Paperlust offers great deals of invitations package, a 15% discount that will be automatically applied to any purchase of 3 items and free worldwide shipping for orders above USD $300. With their online customization tool, you can create your own invitations from their design selection and place your order straight from where you sit in just a few clicks. Check out their designs today and have a chat with their customer service representatives to discuss your wedding invitation.

For more wedding invitations love be sure to follow Paperlust on Instagram. They have some really beautiful things happening over there. We especially love their Welcome Wedding Signs.

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