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Minted’s New Printing Technique Is Giving Us the Best of Both Worlds

Minted’s New Printing Technique Is Giving Us the Best of Both Worlds

Fall and winter brides and grooms, have you gotten your stationery situated for the big day yet? Because one of our all-time favorite online paperies, Minted, just launched a brand-new (and exclusive only to Minted) printing technique, and the look of these invitation suites is absolutely mesmerizing. I thought long and hard about what word I’d use to describe them, too, and mesmerizing seemed about right - when you spend 45 minutes toggling between designs, just to see how each one shines, there’s definitely some kind of magnetism at play. And it all has to do with Gloss-Press™. Maybe you’ve never considered a high gloss invite for your wedding, or, conversely, maybe the thought of matte leaves you feeling stale and uninspired. Well, the brilliant designer minds at Minted have come up with a prized printing method to let you experience both.

So hot off the press, you’ll be one of the first to try it.

Sounds pretty tempting, right? When you know that your friends will probably be getting all their fall wedding invites soon… if yours could stand out just a teensy bit above the rest, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!! And a decision to go with Gloss-Press™ wouldn’t just make your invites stand out a little, we’re talking a lot. Like, a whole lot.

Here’s how Minted humbly presents its new look:

  • A new luxurious printing technique exclusive to Minted, featuring the beauty and subtlety of gloss, debossed on luxe paper.

  • The luxe, translucent gloss creates a chic tone-on-tone vibe.

  • $270 for 100 invitations (less than $3 per invite, and they’re so g(loss)h darn gorgeous!

Minted’s New Printing Technique Is Giving Us the Best of Both Worlds

But we’re going to deconstruct a bit for you, because not everyone getting married can decode stationery slang (and that’s okay).

It’s very obvious that gloss is involved in this design, to give it a luster that can perk anyone up upon opening the invitation suite, but it’s done in a way that’s not overwhelming. In fact, subtle shine is everything to this printing technique.

“Debossing,” opposite embossing, means that the text or design is indented or sunken into the paper rather than raised against it. To us, it has an even more sophisticated something-something to it, and since the gloss is relatively ‘contained’ in the stamp instead of layered onto it, it’s a beautiful dose of gloss for couples who might never have considered it. 

And you can still have your wedding wording - dates, times, locales, and ‘dinner and dancing to follow’ details - handled in matte digital printing - for a gorgeous contrast. Seriously, you get where we’re coming from when we say mesmerizing, right?!?! IT IS!

Minted’s New Printing Technique Is Giving Us the Best of Both Worlds

What’s so tailor-made about Minted?

I’ll never stop singing Minted’s praises, because I’ve stopped counting how many amazing pieces of stationery I’ve gotten from the brand (save-the-dates, day-of wedding stationery, thank you cards, holiday cards, birthday invites, the full gamut, guys). But if you need a few more reasons to consider the marketplace for your own road to marital bliss, remember this:

  • Minted offers unique designs created by a community of independent artists around the globe (this is the BEST part, because having such an incredible team of artists ensures that nothing will ever get boring and weddings can continue on their path to bespoke).

  • End to end, seamless wedding style, across digital and physical products and across all stages of the wedding. Be it your wedding website, save-the-dates, invitation suites, programs, escort cards or menus, you don’t have to abandon your wedding stationery dreams at any point in the process. You can keep your aesthetic, your color palettes, and your personality coming through from the same place - and it’ll look nothing but cohesive and consciously curated.

  • Luxurious printing and paper materials. See above ☝️, and Gloss-Press™ is the newest flavor or Minted luxury, there are so many others that precede it!

  • Unlimited rounds of customization with your Minted dedicated designer. What more can we say? The brand and its designers are committed to making you all 😍😍😍 for the best days of your lives.

Minted’s New Printing Technique Is Giving Us the Best of Both Worlds

It's THE USA's bday, but Minted IS CElebratING like it’s yours!

Now thru Monday, July 8th, enjoy 15 percent off ALL wedding products and 25 percent off wedding save-the-dates just by using promo code ‘FIREWORKS19.’ Shop now!


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