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Everyone Needs A Wedding Monogram And DesigningLove Is Here To Help

Jadore Wedding Monogram in Gold Foil by DesigningLove.co

There are a few things that really make marriage feel official: your first ring tan line, when your marriage license arrives in the mail, and seeing your official monogram for the first time. A monogram is the perfect visual representation of your two names (and lives) growing together into one beautiful composition. But how do you get a monogram? It all starts with a graphic designer and Penelope from DesigningLove is our absolute fave!

The Process

AC Wedding Monogram Design by DesigningLove.co

According to Penelope, the perfect monogram captures so much more than just your initials, it reflects both of your unique personalities and your relationship as a whole. She describes her aesthetic as “modern, elegant simplicity with a minimalist vibe and sophistication”, a vibe we can all get down with. First, she meets with her couples to get to know them. She also learns about your wedding design so that she can incorporate that into your monogram too. Then the real work begins. She carefully crafts two design concepts and works closely with the couple to select the one that fits them best and iron out the details like the font. Once it’s finalized, your monogram is digitized and yours to keep to use for the rest of your happily ever after.

CK Monogram Design in Blind Deboss on black card by DesigningLove.co

CG Initials Wedding Monogram Design by DesigningLove.co

Where To Use Your Monogram

Bonheur Monogram on Glassware by DesigningLove.co

Once you have your custom monogram, there is an endless amount of ways to use it. Of course, our first thoughts are of all the ways you can use it to personalize your wedding details. From your invitation suites (envelopes, wax seals, cards, etc.) to signage, monograms are a great way to make your wedding design truly unique. But, there are plenty of fun uses for it long after you say, “I do.” Here are some of our favorite ways to use a custom monogram:

Modern Wedding Monogram Design with couples Initials CP by DesigningLove.co

  • Embossed on invitations and thank you letters

  • Wax seal for invitations and thank you letters

  • Embossed on cocktail napkins for the bar

  • Enlarged on a wedding welcome sign

  • Custom cake topper

  • Embroidered on towels, sheets, and other linens

  • Embroidered on a shirt, tie, or pocket square as a wedding or anniversary gift

  • Embroidered on a handkerchief, robe, or button-up shirt for getting ready looks

    Wedding Logo Initials CG in oval frame by DesigningLove.co

The possibilities are endless! All you have to do is send the digital file to your favorite vendors and let the magic begin…

What’s Included In The Monogram Suite?

PreMade Wedding Monogram Chloe by DesigningLove.co

In addition to your custom monogram file, couples will also receive their individual names in a matching font/style. This ensures cohesive branding throughout your wedding and any event after. Use them for anniversary parties, custom stationery, and other special gifts along the way. This package also includes a style guide so you know how to format any other designs for your wedding (and after). Schedule your custom consultation with Penelope today and let DesigningLove take your wedding to the next level with a custom monogram suite.

Check out their blog and follow @designinglove.co on Instagram to see all the ways you can use your custom monogram.

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