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6 Reasons Your Guests Will Love Your Online Invitation

Greenvelope Online Invitation Green and Purple Watercolor

There are many fun things about wedding planning. But, let’s be real, stuffing envelopes is not one of those things (cake tasting… now, that’s a different story). There are some clear benefits to choosing paperless invitations, especially when it comes to saving time and money - two things that you could use more of after all is said and done with wedding planning. Another benefit that’s perhaps less obvious: digital invites are easier for your guests too (you know, all those incredible people who are spending their time and money to show up and celebrate you!) Why not make their lives easier? That’s why we want to introduce you to our friends at Greenvelope.com. They don’t just sell chic digital invitations, they have a whole built-in RSVP tracking feature that is effortless for you—but more importantly—a piece of cake for your guests.

Keep scrolling for six solid reasons why your guests will be ALL ABOUT your online invitations.

They can submit an instant RSVP

With the tap of a button, your guests can instantly submit an RSVP for themselves and their plus-one. (No stamps, no setting constant phone reminders, no losing the RSVP and having to call and submit a late RSVP). I kid you not, last month, my dog actually ATE my best friend’s wedding response card. I had to text her and let her know that obvi we’d be there (I’m in the wedding party, so, duh), but she wouldn’t be getting our reply back. Her response, “HAHAHAHA, no problem… I also hate the cards. I wish I did the online RSVP but I had too many old people on our invite list.” So, there you go. Had she gone with an online option, I would have been able to click YEP without any paper material falling prey to my dog and she would be a much happier bride. You win some, you lose some, right?

Greenvelope Online Wedding Invite Shown on iPhone

They can make their personal preferences a priority

RSVP questions ensure your guests can share any meal preferences or dietary restrictions for themselves and their plus-ones. Other details—like how many children will be attending or which specific events they can make during weekend-long activities—can all be answered in one simple place. Same goes for that all-important ‘We’ll dance if you play…’ open-ended ask. With hard copy response cards, the bride and groom could just lie and say that they lost your request for Party Rock Anthem in the mail. But with a digital paper trail, they at least have to honor your submission and pass along a recco to the deej 😉 ((hashtag in reality, it’s heading straight for the donotplay list)).

They can access event details REAL quick

Any fear of being out of the loop is eliminated with the Greenvelope details page. From location specifics, to date and time, to attire requirements, the details page offers a summary of all the classified information. Guests can access this online page anywhere (and anytime) straight from your invitation. This is great for anyone, like me, who waited a little too long to book hotel accommodations for a weekend wedding, and upon realizing the deadline to book a room was TODAY, had to remember which hotel(s) were preferred and what needed to be mentioned to secure that special group rate lickety split. I tore my house apart looking for the info I needed. With online invites, all of the pertinent particulars can be pulled up in one place, in record time.

Greenvelope Online Wedding Invitation

They can keep an eye out for updates

Chances are, there will be an update or two when it comes to details surrounding your wedding. All updates to your invitation or details page will be immediately reflected to your guests. Keep in mind, any changes, updates, announcements can also be sent straight to their inboxes through the Greenvelope messaging center. Like that ‘Oh, forgive us if we forgot to mention this before, but our wedding will be adults-only” condition. Which is slightly more palatable when it comes via online communication… Shouldn’t really matter, right? But it does!

They get an undeniably stylish invitation

You won’t have to worry about your guests not getting the full experience of opening your wedding invitation. Greenvelope invites mimic the traditional paper variety—think textures, di-cut edges, gold foil, watercolor or geometric motifs Each modern envelope also comes in a wide selection of stylish colors, with an option to include matching liners, stamps, and wax seals (my sister used Greenvelope for her Rehearsal Dinner invites, that she sent just a few weeks ago. And the gold wax seal was literally my FAVORITE part). Plus, not going to lie, but I’m pretty sure I’ve opened my sister’s invite up at least 8 times since I got it. Pressing the ‘Open Invitation’ button and watching her navy and gold brushstroke beauty come popping out never. gets. old.

And for anyone who ever hesitated about sending online invites, because they worried guests would judge them for ‘lack of creativity.’ Put that excuse to bed… Greenvelope’s repertoire of designs is truly unlimited, AND they work with a curated cache of artists and designers - so, guests are getting the gold standard in wedding stationery, nothing less.

Greenvelope Online Save the Date

They’ll appreciate the no trees harmed thing

Not only will your guests appreciate not having to feel guilty for throwing out a pretty paper invite, the ones you’re closest with (who know you used Greenvelope and heard about the charity tie-in) will also get good feels about the portion of every sale going towards Mountains to Sound, a non-profit organization that maintains forests. Everyone loves a good pay-it-forward moment.

More and more people are utilizing the benefits of technology when planning their weddings. Whether that is planning apps or wedding websites, both you and your guests’ lives are made easier by going digital. That said, if you happen to have a few guests who appreciate a paper invitation ((you know, like my bestie’s over-50 invitees)), Greenvelope gives you the option to print any invitation that you design.

Greenvelope Online Wedding Invitation on iPad

If you’re interested in giving digital a try, visit the Greenvelope website to learn more or start browsing their full collection of wedding invitations.

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