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5 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

5 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

Did anyone else love event planning when they were young, because picking an invitation and letting it guide the rest of the preparations and theming led to an almost immediate high? I seriously can’t believe it was just me… From splashy write-in cards to ones you’d design on the computer (yes, create-your-own-stationery CD-Roms in the late 1990s, we see you 👀), it was always a fun time to consider the vibes of a future celebration and land on an invitation that matched in a major way. Fast forward to the 2020s, and the opportunities to find the most apropos paper goods for every life event — wedding days included — are endless; you can really narrow your decision down to a design that’s positively perfect for your party and all its particulars. Our friends at Minted have created the most incredible invitation ideation experience for anyone getting married, and you can be sure that what drives it is that fire feeling we all got when we found something that was ‘just right’ for the events (birthday parties, graduation parties, holiday hooplas, sleepover soirees, etc.) of yore.

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Truth be told, I’ve been a personal fan of Minted for nearly 10 years. I got the save-the-dates for my 2014 wedding from the brand, and have since purchased close to a dozen different designs for bridal showers, baby showers, holiday cards, birthday parties, and countless other occasions throughout the years. And I’ve always been blown away by how stylish their stock is, but as I look at their new 2022 Wedding Invitation Collection, I’m at a loss for words by how unique and tailored-to-any-type-of-knots-to-be-tied their offerings are. 

5 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

Whether you live for invitation shopping or feel indifferent about the experience, historically (which makes us cry, if we’re being honest, but we’re suspending judgments here!), you will love shopping for your wedding invitations with Minted, for the following reasons. 

We promise.

You’ll come for the invites and stay for the style they bring to your wedding (in its entirety).

We can’t stress this point more. When you start looking for your wedding invitations (and perhaps even save-the-dates, prior to that) on Minted, you’ll instantly find yourself falling in love with a wedding style, not just a singular piece of wedding stationery. I found my save-the-date and was so entranced with the youthful fonts and typeface, the whimsical colors and formality that it informed the overall vibe of everything related to our vows. And that’s exactly what Minted strives to do: To provide end to end, seamless wedding style, across digital and physical products and across all stages of the wedding. 

You’ll get an invitation design that feels like a complete thought, a creative and flawlessly-curated thought.

The invitations that were available when we were younger have nothing on what’s possible for us to put together at this time. Flat cards with the obligatory who, what, when, where, and whys written out aren’t a thing anymore, and we can thank Minted for championing that reality. With your modern, 2022 wedding invitation, you can carry your distinct look and feel through every element of the design, like matching back-of-card facades, envelope liners, RSVP cards, belly bands, and more. And you have so many cool formats to consider, too — from 5 X 7 classics and chic, scaled-down petites to creative folded panels, all-in-one fold outs, and multi-paged minibooks. 

5 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

You’ll have access to luxury at prices that won’t bottom out your bottom line.

Wedding stationers are phenomenally talented, and, as such, they certainly deserve the compensation they ask for when it comes to custom design work and bespoke detailing. At Minted, though, every season there are new designs submitted and available for commission from independent artists across the globe. You can choose a template that has everything you want and need already OR you can work with a dedicated Minted designer to turn your favorite find into everything you’ve ever dreamed of — complete with custom colors, symbols, and/or aesthetic elements that you don’t see everyday. And everything is priced at average/accessible per-card rates that allow everyone to buy Minted designs for their wedding.

You’ll have a plethora of printing-type and material options to take your event to the next level.

Certain invitation design choices have a very palpable effect on the expectations your guests have of your event. So, if you want to up the ante on your affair’s formality, you can do so — beautifully — with well-appointed Minted upgrades. Hand-pressed foil, for instance, can make a bold and richly-elegant statement on your unique design. And nothing makes an impression of sophistication like luxe letterpress: deeply hand-pressed with rich, vibrant inks on thick 100% cotton paper.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

You’ll get 20% off when you shop with our code.

We really are super tight with the team at Minted, so to help make your wedding invitation shopping experience even more special (and exciting), they’ve shared an incentive for your [hopeful] future purchase! From now (3/21) through the end of April (4/30), use promo code “WEDDINGCHX20” at checkout for 20 percent off your wedding invitations. New customers (i.e. you’ll be making your first purchase with Minted, ever) only

**Also know that Minted offers a "Buy Now, Personalize Later" feature, so even if you're not ready to work on your wording yet, you can get the design of your dreams locked in (and take advantage of the 20 percent off!)**  

5 Reasons You’ll Love Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations


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We partnered with Minted to share some pretty paper inspiration for the start of wedding planning season! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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