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3 Ways to Let Guests Know You’ve Postponed Your Wedding

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Postponing a wedding can be stressful. From reaching out to your vendor team to finding a date that works for everyone, it is definitely no walk in the park. As a wedding planner, I feel for all of my couples going through this tough process but I also wanted to provide a bit of guidance to those who may not have someone like me walking them through the steps. 

One of the major questions I get is: “how do I keep my guests informed of my new date”? I’ve compiled three ways to make sure none of your guests miss a beat when it comes to your wedding updates.

1. Send out a new save the date or postponement card.
(least cost-efficient)

3 Ways to Let Guests Know You've Postponed Your Wedding Shine:

You can work with your stationer to create a new card or you can find great resources online with a simple Google search that can help you purchase cards to mail to all your guests. Some cute wording examples include:
“Same wedding, New date”
“It might not be the original date, but we know that it will be just as great” and;
“Ah, sh*t, Unsave the date – Due to the current global pandemic we’ve decided to postpone our day – we’ll keep you posted when a new date has been chosen”.

2. Have your stationer create a PDF. (most eco-friendly)

3 Ways to Let Guests Know You've Postponed Your Wedding Shine:

Once a PDF version of a postponement card is created, you can then email it to all of your guests directly. If you aren’t working with a stationer there are tons of options on Etsy and Creative Market that can do the job! You can also get a printable right here
Sidenote: remember those pesky templates where your planner had you write down everyone’s address, email and even their blood type (kidding), they will come in super handy with this option.

3. Add an update page to your website. (fastest option)

3 Ways to Let Guests Know You've Postponed Your Wedding Shine:

Almost everyone has a wedding website nowadays, right? Well if you don’t, now is a great time to start one. Providing your guests with a site gives them a direct, eco-friendly, way to connect and find your wedding info. If you choose this option, simply email your guests and let them know the site will house all updates going forward, so even if you haven’t found a new date – you can always send an email blast once the date is solidified!

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