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10 Minted Wedding Invitations We are Totally Crushing On

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Is it weird to say we have a thing for Wedding invitations? Well designed and beautifully laid out pieces are a thing of beauty and we have to say Minted has some of our very favorites! From current and trendy to classic and traditional your options are really endless. And to give you just a taste we put together 10 wedding invitations that we here at Wedding Chicks are completely crushing on at the moment. 

Oh and if you like what you see here be sure to head on over to Minted to find what it is that you might be crushing on, they don’t just have invitation suites you can now get a Minted seating chart too! Keep scrolling to find out more.

1. Leafy Ampersand (Above)

Let's start it off with one of our very favorite elements, the ampersand (that’s the fancy symbol that stands in for “and”) We love the unique way fonts play with the look and feel of the ampersand and this particular Leafy Ampersand wedding invitation sets our hearts aflutter.

Perfect for any time of the year this invitation sets you up with the perfect custom looking monogram for your big day as well!

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

2. Transparent

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A simple and very effective way to modernize your wedding invitations is by adding a bold statement stripe (or two) along their edge. We love the way this Minted invitation leans into its statement stripes with an added touch of transparency.

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

3. Rustic Wreath

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Bring out your boho side with this shimmering foil wreath invitation! All your guests are sure to feel the warmth of your love when they find this waiting in their mailbox!

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

4. Block Printed Border

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What if you could attach a rainbow to your wedding invitation suite? Minted has made that completely possible with this pearlized invitation design. It seems like a quiet all-white design but catch it in the right light and it will dazzle you with all the colors of the rainbow.

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted

5. Modern Script

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Keep it fun and casual with a handwritten font. This Modern Script suite has all the feel of a friendly hand-scrawled note to friends and family letting them know… “oh, by the way, we are tying-the-knot!”

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

6. Catherine

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Simple, chic, and to the point, we can not get enough of this minimalist suite! Artists may call it negative space but we are nothing but positive about all the breezy open white space that this Catherine suite has to offer.

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

7. Circlet

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Give your invitation a sweet and simple vibe with just a hint of art nouveau. We smile every time we see this beautiful Circlet invitation!

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

8. Painted Desert

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 20500 PM Photo:

Splash a little color around along with some gold sparkle! A modern font gives this invitation an edgy look while still feeling soft and sweet.

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

9. Fantasy

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 20530 PM Photo:

There is just something about a black wedding invitation that we LOVE! not only does that black background make the rest of the colors pop, but it has that added bonus of feeling alternative and we love an alternative couple!

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

10. Alexa

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 21033 PM Photo:

Pretty patterns are one of our favorite things and Minted never disappoints. This shiny gold patterned Alexa suite will have our hearts forever!

Find and customize this suite now, on Minted!

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And that is it, folks! Our top ten crush-worthy wedding invitations by Minted! Oh but don’t rush away! We also wanted to let you know more about the signage and seating charts that Minted has now too! We can’t get enough of the way they compliment the invitation suites!

Find and customize yours now, on Minted!

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