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This Venue In the Heart of the Tuscan Countryside Can’t Be Beat

This Venue In the Heart of the Tuscan Countryside Can’t Be Beat

You know, we can talk about epic wedding venues until we’re #somethingblue in the face, but truly the best way to hear about and see a venue is through the lens of a real life couple. We’ve been chatting with the sopraffino staff at one of the prettiest places to get married in Tuscany, and really, all of their affairs speak loudly about the magic that unfolds on every wedding day. But when Elena and Brett tied the knot at Villa Catignano last September, each detail of their wedding just made us think of Under the Tuscan Sun. The food, the ambiance, the love, and the cherished time spent with friends and family: we wish we were there. Villa Catignano shared their romantic run of show with us, and if this celebration doesn’t at least make you start dreaming in Italiano, then we don’t know what will.

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This Venue In the Heart of the Tuscan Countryside Can’t Be Beat

The private villa, the picturesque Tuscan countryside, when you imagine a wedding that doesn’t need all that much more to make it amazing, you picture this. Hosting your wedding at the 17th century Villa Catignano is the first step in fulfilling your every wedding fantasy, and when you entrust them to accommodate your entire wedding party, family, friends and loved ones (traveling from near and far) for all the wedding festivities you have planned, it promises to be the best decision you’ve ever made in life. Other than saying “YES” in the first place!

The Villa boasts several outdoor and indoor spaces that couldn’t be more perfect for the pairs saying “I Do” here. Starting with the beautiful and charming Giardino all'Italiana - the stunning courtyard of the Villa, and a plethora of indoor halls for a festive winter wedding or for plan B (because as incredible as this place is, it’s not immune to occasional inclement weather): Tinaia Hall, with its totally sublime terracotta floors 🙌, Grey Hall, an antique cellar that makes for a super memorable intimate wedding or even a remarkable rehearsal dinner situation, and the living rooms of the Villa, outfitted with immaculate art and an overwhelming sense of rich history and culture.

And once you move forward with the Villa for your vows, they’ll assist you with organizing and arranging every single aspect of your day. They’ll even make introductions to some of their most trusted wedding planner connections should you need any more direction and creative curation. That being said, it IS Italy, so you can be certain the culinary experience is first class. Catignano allows you to customize menus to fit all of your guests’ tastes. Whether you want to style an intimate breakfast on the terrace, plan an extraordinary lunch in the Italian Garden, or just leave the fantastico fare for your dinner in the villa courtyard, whatever it is you’ve dreamed about, VC will do their best to bring the fine-dining to your fingertips.

This Venue In the Heart of the Tuscan Countryside Can’t Be Beat

Their wedding was a dream come true.

Elena and Brett took the plunge on September 15th 2018 (ah, I always have a soft spot for September anniversaries ❤️ mine 9/27/14). To share their special day with all their family and friends, Brett’s family flew in from Australian and stayed at the Villa the whole week preceding the wedding. What a blast, too! Not many weddings carry on for a week+, but because Villa Catignano is located in such a unique place, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside atop one of the Chianti hills overlooking Siena in the distance, it’s not only an ideal and picturesque wedding venue, it’s an amazing vacation destination - full of history, art, and memory-making recreation for guests!

In any case, at their wedding there were thousands of candles twinkling on every table ✨✨and fairy lights strung above to create an atmosphere of pure whimsy and romance! The inspiration for the entire event was to transform the Villa courtyard into an enchanted garden, complete with a flurry of fairy lights and candles, suspended flowers, and mirrors as table name tags, an impressive tableaux de mariage.

The appetizer and welcome cocktails were served in the "Italian garden" that you have to reach through a little labyrinth (literally makes us think of Alice in Wonderland) and is decorated with the four seasons statues and with big and splendid vases of lemon trees. A dixieland band played live music and set a very relaxed and joyful mood.

This Venue In the Heart of the Tuscan Countryside Can’t Be Beat

Once dinner was served, the menu featured a modern take on traditional Tuscan dishes. There was Tuscan Pappa al Pomodoro with whipped Burrata Cheese and basil, Pear and Pecorino Cheese Tortellini in a sizzling butter and sage sauce with caramelized pear and Pecorino Romano cheese flakes, and a savory Beef Filet in a Brunello di Montalcino Red Wine Jus).

Tuscan Takeaways.

Is your mouth watering yet? Because they had us drooling at whipped burrata…. If you and your fiancé are feeling titillated about a Tuscan wedding, learn more about Villa Catignano and reach out for more information+that hopeful blissful contract to follow.


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We partnered with Villa Catignano to bring you a personalized passport to the perfect Italian wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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