Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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How to Get Married At the Place You Fell In Love

How to Get Married At the Place You Fell In Love

There are a lot of reasons to choose the venue where you’ll get married: maybe your parents (or grandparents) got married there / and it’s got high key heirloom qualities, maybe you and your partner were long distance for a while, so having your day somewhere around the midpoint you’d meet at sounds cute, or maybe you both went to the same college, and your meet-cute was somewhere on the sidelines at Homecoming. We love ALL the reasons, but that last one just gives us major feels (I was a cheerleader once upon a time ago, so this just feels so right to me 🙌). That’s why we’re SO game for nuptials planned with ClubLife Weddings.

Hold on, wait a minute, put a little boom in it - they’re boom, DYNAMITE

Couldn’t help ourselves… sorry. No, but really, this all-star event network is exactly who you need to see for your big day. They own and operate 200+ country clubs, alumni clubs, and city clubs nationwide - which also quarterback as wedding venues. From golf course concourses to city skyline views, desert scape ceremonies to downtown receptions, the options you have to pick the perfect place are endless. And, like we said before, we just happen to loveee the knot-tying happenings that overlook football stadiums including University of Texas and Baylor #baylorbearsfootballforlife.

Weddings aren’t just for club members, either, non-members can rally for romance here, too! 

If these two 👇👇are you, your first down’s gotta start with ClubLife 

How to Get Married At the Place You Fell In Love

Did you get engaged during half-time? Did you exchange “I love yous” after a first win of the season? We totally get it, some couples just bleed green and gold… It doesn’t get old!

extra points for their new cost estimate calculator 

Color us impressed by ClubLife’s venue search function. You can enter your city or zip code or, even more pointedly, narrow down by venue vibe (alumni club/stadium, city club, country club, with lakefront views, on-site catering, first-class considerations, etc.). But then, beyond that, you can get a quick quote for your best day ever just by sharing a bit about your envisioned wedding day and your preferred venue locales. It’s a touchdown, truly 😉, especially when you can plan other pre-season (we mean, pre-wedding) events with them - from engagement parties to bridal showers, groom’s golf outings to farewell celebrations. 

… You don’t have to be tailgaters to the end, either, you can have a beautiful event at ANY of the other hundreds of venues. Find yours now!... fireworks included! 

How to Get Married At the Place You Fell In Love


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