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‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles Inspired This Wedding Day In Hawaii

sunny wedding invitations designed by Yellow Heart Art

Event designer, Laura Josefina, owner and lead designer Josefina Events was inspired by the famous Beatles song 'Here Comes the Sun, to create a warm and vibrant wedding day that is oozing with happiness, sunshine and showcases the power of vibrant color.

As far as location, she selected the spot on earth that reminds us of the sunshine and happiness, The Big Island of Hawaii.

Josefina and a handful of California and Hawaiian women wedding vendors collaborated to create a vibrant day that you are not going to want to miss. Keep reading to take in all the impressive details, including a floral-filled sandy beach wedding ceremony, an intimate garden dining experience complete with a mobile champagne cart, and beachside rainbow wedding reception under a sunshine yellow canopy guaranteed to make you smile.

Ashley LaPrade photographed this colorful day. You can see all the photographs in the full gallery here.

sunny wedding invitations designed by Yellow Heart Art

Follow Your Wedding Theme

When you're styling your wedding, think of it like putting together an outfit. Everything needs to go together, it doesn't have to match perfectly, but it all has to look good when combined. Following a wedding theme and keeping consistent with your color palette will make your wedding day look like a well-styled outfit.

The sun, which is a circle, is the central theme of this wedding shoot. You can see the shape used throughout the day. 

To start the theme, stationery designer, Yellow Heart Art created an invitation suite centered around circles. You will also see the shaped used in all of the day of material -stir sticks, menus, and place cards, also designed by Yellow Heart Art.

magenta Sam Edelman wedding shoes tropical wedding bouquet

umbrella that is decorated with florals by Grace Flowers

Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai beach wedding ceremony

Beachside Wedding Ceremony

This jaw-dropping floral chandelier between the two trees is one of many floral installations designed by Hawaii floral designer, Grace Flowers.

Grace Flowers used local Hawaiian flowers like- anthurium, ginger, orchids, bougainvillea. These vibrant tropical florals were combined with international flowers like tulips, carnations, and roses. 

Can't you see the couple standing below it on the sandy beaches of the Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai?

Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai beach wedding ceremony

Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai - beach wedding ceremony Aisle decor ideas for a beach wedding ceremony at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai

Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai beach side wedding ceremony tropical florals used in wedding hanging instillation

Wedding Aisle Decor

Grace Flowers created aisle decor that matched the hanging installation. The bright pops of yellow in both floral arrangements blended perfectly with the retro yellow chairs  that were used at the ceremony set up. 

Tropical floral wedding aisle decor

Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai wedding venue

garden wedding brunch at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai Mobile champagne cart at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai

Mobile Champagne Cart

The design team kept with the sunny and bright theme, a garden dining set up at, The Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai. The Four Seasons Hualalai showcases their mobile Champagne cart that is available for your events.  This cutie on wheels is complete with glasses and lots of bubbly on tap to keep all your guests happy.

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Mobile champagne cart at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai

garden wedding brunch at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai

Brightly Colored Table

A whimsical and colorful table was set. A stunning floral instillation hung above the bright table, with floral garlands cascading down. Since the ocean was not within sight, teal candlesticks were used in their place. If you want to reproduce something like this yourself, most everything came from the rental company Hawaii Island Events. Below are all the items that they provided for the shoot and are available for rent.

Chameleon Chairs
Twisted yellow Chairs
Wire chairs
Canopy and Yellow Fabric
Custom made Bar
All the lounge (sofa, slipper chair, tables, rugs and pillows)
Yellow Plates
White Coupe Plates
Jade plates
Amber glasses
Modern straight stemware
Gold flatware
White dipped gold flatware
Bar glasses
White wood table

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brightly colored table was set up at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai

brightly colored table was set up at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai Sunshine stir sticks

Hawaiian Island Events eco friendly custom bar

Tropical Signature Cocktails

Hawaii Island Events built a custom bar for guests to enjoy a signature cocktail. The Pink Guavarita or the Loco For Coco were mixed up and served with environmentally friendly glass straws from Toma Glass Straws. If you cannot be in Hawaii, you might as well mix up a pitcher of  Guavaritas to enjoy. The signature cocktail recipe below.

Grace Flowers designed the floral pendant above the bar,  a continuation of the here comes the sun motif. Yellow Heart Art designed the menu items and the cute hang tags for the straws that you can see on the Loco For Coco signature cocktail. 

The Pink Guavarita Pitcher 

1 3/4 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
2 3/4 cup of  Patrol Silver Tequila
1 1/3 cup of Orange Liqueur
2 1/2 cup of Guava Puree
Margarita or coarse sale for rims of glasses

1. Stir together lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur. and guava puree.

2. Refrigerate in a pitcher until chilled

3. Before serving, rub a cut lime around the rim of your glass. Fill a flat plate or saucer with Margarita salt, dip each glass, upside down, into the salt. Pour the margarita into the glass and serve. Yum!

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Loco For Coco signature wedding cocktail

Tropical signature cocktails - guava and coconut drink

Tropical lounge area at Hawaiian weding.

Tropical Inspired Lounge

An inviting lounge area was designed. It had a 70’s vibe, complete with trending velvet couches and patterned rugs.  Guests could sit and relax and sip on their refreshing signature cocktails. 

The passionate Pastry Chef, Mallory at Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai created a three-tiered peach wedding cake. Remaining true to the circle theme and the color palette, she created a gorgeous modern masterpiece that went perfectly with the entire day. 

Peach wedding cake with circles designed by Magnolia at Four Seasons Resort, Hualala

bride standing on lava at Hawaiian wedding reception

beach wedding reception ideas
decorating a beach canopy

Rainbow Beach Wedding Reception

The open yellow canopy welcomed guests to a relaxing beach wedding reception. A rainbow floral runner with teal candlesticks peppered throughout took center stage. 

The table was beautifully set. Sea-foam green plates were paired with chic white and gold flatware and tangerine napkins. Modern glassware was used, so that the rainbow centerpiece had everyone's full attention. A beachside wedding reception that I would love to attend.

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Rainbow wedding reception at the beach

rainbow floral table runner at beachside wedding reception

rainbow floral table runner at beachside wedding reception rainbow floral table runner at beachside wedding reception

rainbow floral table runner at beachside wedding reception teal plates with chic gold and white flatware

rainbow floral table runner at beachside wedding reception

bride standing on lava at sunset in Hawaii

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