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A Speakeasy Sort of Wedding Gets Major Points for Guest Experience

A Speakeasy Sort of Wedding Gets Major Points for Guest Experience

We love all sorts of wedding vibes, but there’s something about a super specific, period-type wedding aesthetic that gets us really excited. We’re talking vintage. It’s a look that gets thrown around A LOT, because every bride likes to say that she incorporated various ‘vintage’ elements into her special day. But to embrace a day that’s straight out of an era, top to bottom, it’s not just about a touch or two - you need to go ALL in. If you find the right venue, you already have the advantage. And that’s why we love The Thaxton in St. Louis. Don’t laugh when we say this, but, in short, it’s truly the bee’s knees.

If guest experience means the most [to you], you’ll want to look them up. 

For some couples, their priorities for the wedding day include good fashion, good food, good flowers, good transpo, etc. etc. etc. For others, there’s only one thing that keeps them up at night ((well, two, after exchanging vows and becoming official partners for life)), and that’s that their guests have a good time. Nah, not  just a good time, a phenomenal time. Full of drinking, dancing, dressing up, all in a swanky AF place. We call it a mood, and people in the 1920s and 30s, they just called it living. 

Anyway, The Thaxton is a full-service Art Deco treasure with over 12 years experience making sure events in house are incredibly unique, the epitome of urban chic. The atmosphere is awesome, and the quintessence of every affair - weddings particularly - is the flapper-style fun to be had. You see, guests are going to lose themselves a little bit in your night, but in the best way possible. They’ll be hypnotized by the art and beauty of the venue itself ((seriously, the ceiling above the ceremony space is unreal)), they’ll commandeer the dance floor as their own personal Vaudeville vortex, and they’ll indulge in tempting cocktails that quickly erase any+all of the basic signature cocktails they’ve had in the past.

A Speakeasy Sort of Wedding Gets Major Points for Guest Experience

That cocktail experience though… 

Having experienced a cocktail-style wedding before, I have to say that it’s nerts! ((That’s 1920s talk for amazing, btw)). When you want that party vibe to keep on keeping on throughout the night, having a cocktail-style reception - with food catered from any one of The Thaxton’s preferred partners - is the way to do it. With high-top tables, standing room to bite and sip between conversations and dance sets, this setting is sure to impress your guests. And if that doesn’t, the drinks will. They have four bar services available for weddings, and, like we said, several options that include house-infused moonshine and bathtub gin ((not your average wedding drinks, but so much more fun)). 

The multilevel Thaxton can accommodate a maximum of 150 guests ((150 for the cocktail-style reception; 120 for a sit-down event; 130 for ceremony services)), but if you’re already envisioning a more elaborate fete for the big day, the Thaxton Speakeasy - a downtown, underground lounge - is available for pre-wedding parties. A joint bachelor/bachelorette party sounds 👍👍👍, as does a thematic, supper club-type rehearsal dinner, if you’re planning a more glamorous, chandelier-hung Art Deco ballroom wedding.

A Speakeasy Sort of Wedding Gets Major Points for Guest Experience

It Just Hits On All Sixes. 

AKA, the venue just nails it…

"The Thaxton is an absolutely amazing wedding venue! It is a stunning, unique place and the staff is AMAZING! We had both our ceremony and reception here and it was so easy. When you book The Thaxton, you are renting the entire space and you get it all for the party. I love it, because it is not just an open room like most wedding venues. No other venue we looked at in STL could even come close to comparing in our opinion. Talk to Kim or Mad Dog. You will not regret checking out The Thaxton!!” ~Jena S.

"I loved this venue!! This is clearly a place that throws parties. It was such a cool, unique space with multi-level accommodations that were perfect for the vibe we had. Many of my guests left saying, “I want to throw a party here,” as well as telling me I need to have another event again next year. I cannot say enough good things about this location. If you are looking for something outside the box, this is absolutely your place. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of my wedding reception. My host, bartenders, DJ were phenomenal! Thank you, for making my night!” ~ Kaitlyn K.

"Perfect venue for the not so "traditional" couple! The entire venue is a work of art, there are surprising details around every corner! My guests loved everything about it! Very accommodating also! Awesome all around!”

~ Lorelei

A Speakeasy Sort of Wedding Gets Major Points for Guest Experience

Care to save some clams? 

That’s money, in case you were wondering... Mention “Wedding Chicks” when you’re reaching out to receive a $200 space rental discount on any new bookings!


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We partnered with The Thaxton to share all the details on this St. Louis vibe-worthy venue. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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