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Why You Might Want to Shop for Your Dress on a Summer Friday

Why You Might Want to Shop for Your Dress on a Summer Friday Photo Credit:

There’s something about summer that makes wedding dress shopping even more exciting, and that’s hard to do, especially when you’re on the hunt for the most amazing piece of clothing you’ve EVER worn / will wear in your life. I remember going shopping for my own wedding dress six years ago; It happened on a Friday in July, with all my favorite people, and it was great. Gabriella New York gets where we’re coming from with this favorite day-of-the-week to shop, so the boutique has officially made Summer Fridays a thing for its brides! Once your own summer Fridays kick off (and we’re hoping you all have them, starting TODAY!!! #coolAFcompanyculture wins in our book, every time!), you’ll want to make sure you’re making an appointment at Gabriella as sooooon as you✌️✌️✌️from the office.

Before we dish on THEIR details, here’s why we love Friday shop days anyway.

End of the week bliss.

There’s undoubtedly a sense of utter calm and chill that overcomes a person on a Friday, especially during the summer, when work is all but over and Saturday and Sunday call to say ‘we’re almost here, break out the wine, b******!!!” You’re not thinking about stressful, work-related whatevers, you’re not tensed up about annoying coworkers who you’re surrounded by 24/7, and overall, you just don’t have all that many distractions left in your mind to bum you out. You’re HAPPY! As one should be on a Friday.

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Rewards make so much more sense.

Okay, I was a psych major in college, so bear with me on this one, but there is definitely something to be said about positive reinforcement (perks, rewards, bonuses) coming once the week is over. When you’ve put in the work, energy, and effort ALL WEEK LONG, and therefore deserve the break. Something fun like shopping for a bridal gown is a great incentive to get through the week - and if you end up walking out with “the one,” then good for you, another week down, another payday not too far away!

Fridays are for friends.

This is kind of huge. When you and your friends get to that seriously-dating / getting engaged portion of your lives, weekends get busy. They’re not college weekends, when you’d kick things off on Thursday night and rally through your first 8AM on Monday. Instead, they’re carefully planned - date nights on Saturday, fam time on Sunday. Fridays are for friends, though, so if you want to make sure your shopping trip includes your tribe, ask them to join you on a Friday and then keep things festive with more drinks and fun times to follow.

Why You Might Want to Shop for Your Dress on a Summer Friday Photo Credit:

So here’s what Gabriella has on tap for the season (quite literally, on tap)

Starting TODAY, Gabriella will be hosting the best Summer Friday shop experiences ever. Every Friday during the Summer, their store scene will get a blast of sunshine in the form of awesome on-site specials. They’ll have summer-inspired signature cocktails and bright bites, plus a message in a bottle drawing -- i.e. they prep a tray of sand with mini bottles buried underneath and each bride who purchases a gown, gets to ‘pick their poison’ (not really just wanted to sound pirate-y, moreso pick their prize!). Inside is a message with some kind of discount or gift!

Additionally, each Friday they’ll have a partner come in to do something cool and fun for the bride babes who show up. TwoBirds Bridesmaid will be showing their gowns and giving discounts one Friday, Bloombar will have a make-your-own bouquet bar set up on another Friday, DJ Ray Jarrell has created an amazing Summer playlist for the store to play each Friday. The store staff has even scheduled a few different photographers to be there one Friday. They’ll take FREE photos of brides in their gowns and document their shopping experience! Face Time Beauty will even be doing mini makeovers (for free, duh!) on a chosen Friday.

Here’s a full list of participating Summer Friday partners.

We know you’re wondering!

  • Twobirds Bridesmaid

  • Bloombar

  • Face Time Beauty

  • Dave Robbins Photography

  • Kiki de Montparnasse

  • City Sweets and Confections

  • BeautyFix Med Spa

  • Ray Jarrell Entertainment

Why You Might Want to Shop for Your Dress on a Summer Friday Photo Credit:

Final verdict.

Current bride? Need your gown? Want to kick summer off in the best way possible? Make an appointment at Gabriella any Friday from here on out! It's such a fun vibe in the store and a really great opportunity for you to have a great dress shopping experience, score some free stuff, and maybe even walk away with a discount on your gown!

Why You Might Want to Shop for Your Dress on a Summer Friday Photo Credit:

Yup, we're in! 


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We partnered with Gabriella New York to share the reason their salon will be sun-shining on Fridays this Summer. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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