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When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It

When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It Gown:

It’s only been six years (well, only?) since I got married, but, for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of my wedding dress. I remember the designer, of course, but what the dress was called? Nope, no recollection, whatsoever. And it’s sad, really, because the majority of bridal designers give their dresses names as if they were women - Ava, Felicity, Kendall, Seraphina, etc. - and by the end of your wedding planning experience, you end up feeling like Lissy (Felicity, you get it hah) is your best friend. She’s been throughhhh it with you and now you’re on the other side, happily married and ready to rock. Granted, the names are - for the most part - fictional, but Truvelle’s 2021 collection is the first of the brand’s seven-year-strong repertoire to be inspired by real life brides. Not just any brides, either, but badass, heroic, remarkable human beings.

The truth behind this tastemaking modern couturier

Gaby Bayona, Truvelle’s founder, spent her most of her childhood in her mother’s custom dress shop, and once she was grown, she realized just how much brides were looking for in their wedding dress: something unexpected, understated, but striking in its simplicity. It wasn’t out there for modern brides and that didn’t sit well with Gaby. What started with a girl, a sewing machine, and a studio apartment has evolved into a contemporary dress movement stirred by design, fit, and quality. It’s a fresh, minimal aesthetic for the brides that appreciate it.

When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It Gown:

Dresses are hand-crafted and made-to-order in Truvelle’s East Vancouver studio, by a team of no more than 30. Everything from the first fabric cut to the final threaded stitch happens under one roof, and it’s all customizable. So, you can switch your lace or lining color, add or remove a train, and/or mix and match tops and bottoms to create a dress that is ALL yours.

After the year we’ve had, this is what we’re thrilled about, tho

Truvelle has just launched its 2021 Collection. Each gown is named after a Truvelle bride, past or present, after being nominated by eight of the brand’s top stockists for their inspiring and uplifting backstories—including living with a disability, recovering from a life-altering accident, and training young women in self-defense. Amy, Christine, Jessi, Lexi, Lulu, Kaley, Kisha, and Mackenzie: the brides who end up wearing your dresses will never forget your names. You may not be bridesmaids in their wedding days, but we’ll promise you this, your brides will be beyond proud to wear your namesake with pride.

The looks and the empyreal lineup… 

When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It Gown:


The Amy dress features sequin floral lace that will catch light and glimmer all night. The plunging neckline is the show stopping feature and the criss-crossed mesh panels are a delicate detail that also offer a little extra security. The illusion back dips into a flattering U-shape and is held together with silk spaghetti straps, while the lace A-line skirt drapes effortlessly into a long trailing train. 

When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It Gown:


The Christine dress features a deep-V bodice with silk spaghetti straps. The illusion lace back dips low and meets a raw silk band, which accentuates your waist. The skirt features 3-tiered layers of bold botanical mesh lace and extends into a long train. Fit for an extravagant ballroom wedding or an easy-going vineyard party, whatever setting you’re planning for, you’ll look sublime.


The Jessi dress features a sweet, but surprising sweetheart neckline that meets illusion detail in the front and center back. The ruched A-line skirt is effortless and airy, begging for a twirl here or there. In classic Truvelle fashion, the dress is covered in bold floral lace, this one highlighting embroidered florals with translucent sequins, all contrasting a champagne satin lining. A rounded long train follows you as you move throughout the room, and the pearl buttons that crawl up the back add an elegant, timeless touch to a dress that otherwise reads young and fresh.

When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It Gown:


The Kaley dress features delicate cap sleeves and a charming scoop neck, but the main feature is its awe-inspiring pearl fabric. The back dips into a deep-V shape, while the extra long train elongates and draws the eye. The skirt is made of lightweight crepe, which pairs elegantly with the bodice and allows flexible, ethereal movement. Add to it pockets for a trend detail that’s equal parts photo opportunity and tissue safekeeping.


The Kisha dress will have guests swooning over you all night, because there is nothing else quite like it in the world. The bodice is covered in pearl dotted lace, which is both classic and of-the-times, and the off-white silk straps settle into an adjustable shoulder tie that can be worn knotted or in a bow. A silk waistband cinches the whole look together and keeps everything secure. The A-line skirt with a long train is created with two layers of off-white tulle for a totally modern-day take on royal.

unnamed Gown:


The Lexi dress is airy and elegant, a silhouette that truly floats through the room. Designed with former fashion favorites in mind, the bodice’s scoop neck and low scoop back are universally flattering and offer a sweet spot of coverage. The dress is made of a lightweight mesh lace with bold botanical motifing. The A-line skirt has a layer of off-white tulle underneath its lace for a subtle hint of volume, while the long train begs for its own moment in the spotlight. With cameras flashing, you’ll be on cloud nine all night. 


The Lulu dress is playful and fresh, forever fitting for the young at heart. The straight neckline with spaghetti straps is fascinatingly stylish and flattering on many body types. Champagne lining offers a modern uniqueness and everything is tied together with a raw silk waistband. The oversized floral lace and breezy open back make this dress a real stand out.

When We Say This Brand Honors and Celebrates Its Brides, We Mean It Gown:


The Mackenzie dress is classic and dazzling no matter who you ask, truly reserved for the romantic in all of us. Intricate corded lace covered with subtle sequins crawls up the skirt and blankets the entire dress, while an open, illusion lace back provides our favorite feminine detail. Truvelle’s signature deep-V bodice and A-line skirt offers comfort and ease of movement, so you’ll never have to hold back any of those dance moves.

These bona fide brides recall the best of Truvelle

"I loved my dress, the Bea! All of the dress cuts are amazing, and I fell in love with my perfect dress. They will customize everything if you would like, which for me, was a necessity." ~ Julie

"I loved my Truvelle wedding dress! I purchased my dress through a&bé bridal in Minneapolis. It was so easy to customize and the dress is beautifully made! The Truvelle dresses were by far the most comfortable dresses that I tried on." ~ Whitney

Shop the 2021 Collection online now or find a store near you to try before you buy!


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