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We Haven’t Met a Lace Wedding Look We Haven’t Liked

We Haven’t Met a Lace Wedding Look We Haven’t Liked Dress:

Wow, it’s legit been 6+ months since Gwyneth Paltrow got married, but since then we haven’t been able to stop thinking about lace gowns. They’re absolutely stunning, picture-perfect feminine, and, like tulle, top of our list of the most lusted-after bridal looks for the modern bride. When they’re worked into silhouettes that celebrate the sexy and sassy female body, too, they’re even more fierce. And truly, no dress brand does them better than Wear Your Love. Even the name is so good, right?!?!!

So, okay, here’s the deal on these dresses.

If you are the kind of woman who embraces her individual style, loves luxurious body-hugging lace, and believes with all her heart in absolutely epic love, then you are WYL’s kind of bride, and they are sooo happy you’ve found them. The team designs and hand makes unique and romantic wedding dresses for the free-spirited bride. Each dress is made to each individual bride's specific measurements, and shipped (worldwide) directly to her door in just about 12 weeks.

We Haven’t Met a Lace Wedding Look We Haven’t Liked Dress:

Sounds pretty simple, but the history behind the birth of this brand is anything but.

Wear Your Love’s founder and chief designer has always had bad feels about the traditional wedding dress. The stiff, impossibly moveable dress that she says has dominated bridal shop appointments and ruined endless fittings for years upon years. In her mind, how is a woman supposed to hold and be held, dance and laugh, kick her heels up, and shout from the roof; how is she supposed to feel at home beside her partner, and embody her most elegant beauty, when she doesn't feel like herself in her wedding dress?

Heavy, we know… but here’s where things get lighter (and lovely)

Jillian’s modus operandi is to share with brides everywhere a vision for weddings that centers around a bride who feels her most amazing. She has the freedom to dance, laugh, eat, drink and be blissfully happy. She is present, buoyant, and at ease as she embarks on her path with her partner. She gracefully dances through each moment as she creates forever-memories with the person she wants to hold and be held by, the person she is absolutely at home beside, with full abandon, bliss, and joy. Ethereal and sublime AF.

The Wear Your Love collection is Jillian’s love letter to every bride who has ever challenged the status quo with her wedding gown groove, all while still questing after that quintessential aisle style sensibility. With emphasis on beautifully-wearable organic and luxury fabrics, the bridal selections that she’s created ring true to the pure joy of getting married. Leaving the clasps, buttons, zippers, and restrictive boning behind, each dress is perfectly stretchy, for a body-hugging experience of total comfort. Each style is infused with the laughter, sensuality, and magnificence of young love, soul-mated, and epic love in mind. MG these dresses are like living, breathing, manifestations of mad love. Yaaaaas.

We Haven’t Met a Lace Wedding Look We Haven’t Liked Dress:

Oh! And because nature has always had such a profound effect on Wear Your Love’s leader, most of her dresses are made with a portion of eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, like ultra soft bamboo and lush organic cotton. Comfy, cozy, can't-even-feel-better-about-wearing-it points of interest! 

These brides fell in love with WYL’s body-hugging designs, classic silhouettes, and elegant long sleeves, with artful embellishments.

"I just wanted to let you all know that I received my dress in the mail today, and it is absolutely PERFECT! It is better than I ever could have hoped for, and I cannot wait for my fiancé to see me wearing it on our wedding day! Everything about this dress, especially the gorgeous train and delicate rose motifs, is a real dream come true! I just cannot say enough how much I love it. Thank you again SO much for everything! I'm so proud to be a Wear Your Love Bride!" ~ Clare from Georgia

"My Angelina dress arrived in Sydney last week and it is SO stunning. It fits me beyond perfectly and I am so excited to wear it in 2 months for my wedding!! You describe it on your website as your most exquisite creation thus far and it makes total sense. The layers and details in the lace are breathtaking. Congratulations on such an incredible new collection! I hope it brings you all so much joy and success. Thank you for designing and making such an amazing dress! I’ll be sure to send you photos in February! I can’t wait to tell every single person I know (well, let’s be honest, I’m already doing that now) about how incredible Wear Your Love is and how not to freak out at buying a dress online! Haha :)" ~ J in Australia

We Haven’t Met a Lace Wedding Look We Haven’t Liked Dress:

You can wear your love and actually win it, too!

All brides with wedding dates from July to December of this year (2019) are welcome to enter this super cool contest. One lucky winner will be gifted a FREE wedding dress - ANY dress in their collection, valued up to $2,400. So, get in on it now!! 👈 


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We partnered with Wear Your Love to share the details on this lace dress crush of ours. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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