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Unique Silver Sequined Wedding Dress By Claire la Faye

Claire la Faye silver sparkling wedding dress

Want a wedding dress that is unique, speaks to you and is utterly gorgeous? Well ... look no more we found your dress.

The Stargrove by Claire La Faye is a sequined silver, A- line dress with an 18" train. An ideal wedding dress for the unicorn loving, mermaid inspired, pink hair don't care, magical thinking bride-to-be.  And while this dress can stand on it's own without accessories, we thought it would be fun to show you what we would pair with this stand out wedding dress. All dress collection photos were taken by  Donny Zavala Photography.

Claire la Faye silver sparkling wedding dress

protea wedding bouquet

If this dress had a bouquet counter part it would be this tropical Protea and eucalyptus wedding bouquet. Believe it or not it was designed by Whole Foods.

Photographed by Wendy Laurel, a Maui based wedding photographer. Now ... how amazing would this dress look with the crystal blue waters of Hawaii behind it? Sparkles, sparkles sparkles.

Claire la Faye silver sparkling wedding dress

Satire Strappy Sandal by Steve Madden

Remember girls this dress has an 18" train, meanting you'll want to select a heel with a bit of height. Steve Madden's Satire Strappy Sandal is an excellent choice. Barley there metallic straps intertwine at the toe and crisscross up the instep of this daring sandal. Way cute!

Claire la Faye silver sparkling wedding dress

Since the Stargrove has such an amazing back, we're feeling that a relaxed braid would look amazing. Yes ... I too would die for my hair to look like this. Hair By Mandie Lynn.

pink and purple wedding hair

unicorn nails

Of course you are going to need unicorn nails. Get the look with Color Club Halo Hues Psychic Nail Polish. A halographic nail polish that will bring a touch of heaven to everything you do.

unicorn nail ppolish

Claire la Faye silver sparkling wedding dress

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