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This Site Might Just Make You Rethink That Big Designer Name

This Site Might Just Make You Rethink That Big Designer Name Dress:

I’m a lucky girl, I get to look at bridal dresses and accessories ALL DAY LONG. You’d think at some point, I’d have an off switch and would want to pump the brakes on all-things wedding, but really, I just don’t. Some days are just even more magical than others, like when we came across She Wore Flowers for the first time. This new bridal marketplace is stacked with the world’s best independent designers and labels, and it’s truly the first place you can go to find dresses, accessories, jewelry, loungewear that still feels fresh and untapped. Yes, big designer bridal names have their allure, but since we got to know She Wore Flowers, we’re feeling like the next big thing in wedding fashion is to shop small and get acquainted with indie designers that have some epic aesthetics (ones that we haven’t seen before).

What’s the story behind SWF?

She Wore Flowers is a new bridal marketplace that showcases handpicked collections of beautiful items made by trusted indie labels. Their curated catalogue of products is brimming with all styles of gowns, headpieces, veils, and other bridal accessories across all budgets. And they are the first online marketplace that is solely devoted to the wedding industry; really, only one of its kind to focus so heavily on offering unique bridal products that are created by fierce independent female designers with excellent customer reviews.

From alternative, non-traditional finds to timeless classics, their wide range of handpicked products is both stunning and affordable. Oh! And since you can skip the brick and mortar shop markups, the vast majority of SWF's wedding dresses are priced between $500-$1200 (hell yes)! New talented designers and product ranges are added to the SWF collection each week, so once you get addicted, be sure you follow their social media channels and/or subscribe to their mailing list. This is how you’ll be notified of new gorgeous additions...and your dream designer could be next!!

The thing about indie interest...

It’s funny, because at the end of the day, the appeal of indie is that it IS less mainstream, it’s undisturbed, it’s unexplored, and it feels just plain special. No lie, for just a minute, after finding She Wore Flowers, we almost wanted to keep the news a secret and just ogle the site on our own, make reccos to our own bride friends and fam, and consider it a treasure that we could whip out “finders keepers” anytime in reference to. But where’s the fun in that? Because this site deserves all the 😍😍😍. And we’ll tell you why…

This Site Might Just Make You Rethink That Big Designer Name Dress:

The SWF crew curates like no other.

Of course, there are plenty of other online retailers that offer that ‘indie’ look, but She Wore Flowers goes about their business so diligently to ensure that what you’re looking at and [hopefully] purchasing is the ACTUAL best. Their designer partners are cherry picked not only for their exceptional quality products, but for their first-class customer reviews, as well. And we’ve said how many times before that the best, most-listened-to advice+counsel comes from current and former brides, themselves, right? Not to say that other destinations just let everyone, who pays and has something somewhat decent and fashion-forward to sell, in, but She Wore Flowers prides itself on only inviting the best bridal gang to impress their discerning, modern, and stylish AF customers.

If you’re an indie bridal powerhouse and think you can hang with SWF, then definitely get your apply on!!

The SWF site is so intuitive and smart, we can’t even. 

I haven’t been a bride for manyyyy years, but every time I visit their site, I navigate as though I’m planning nuptials myself. And I’ll tell you outright that the user-friendliness on this website is legit and some. You can shop wedding dresses so easily - especially if you have an idea of your dream dress shape or style (A-line, column, mermaid silhouettes; sleeved stunners, lace designs, statement back styles) or even know what color you’re after (because SWF girls aren’t afraid to embrace nontraditional I Do hues or even bold tones) or how much you want to spend (there’s an ‘under $1000’ category; just saying that, gives us all the good vibes).

The SWF designer squad is celebrated and spotlighted so often.

Remember when we said that you might want to rethink that big designer name? Well, She Wore Flowers is the reason. Like THE reason. Consider them the gatekeepers to all of these gorgeous gowns and accessories (and the gifted girl bosses behind them all) you probably would have never discovered on your own. When you’re shopping, you’ll often come across designer shoutouts/pointed blurbs and “new arrival” announcements that grab your attention and make you want to learn more about them. And it’s just great to see an online boutique take such ownership and appreciation over its designer talent. Women supporting women, it’s a beautiful thing.

This Site Might Just Make You Rethink That Big Designer Name Dress:

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention how inspiring their She Wore Flowers blog is. Every day, the lines between product and content are blurred across the board - on pretty much every marketplace. But SWF’s blog is infinitely informative and resourceful; they don’t just have a blog to say they have one/play the game, instead, the posts they feature can really help a bride, whether it’s helping her decide on her most flattering wedding dress fit, or giving her the heads up when she needs to order her dress to match her wedding timeline, OR giving her tons of inspiration (the best boho wedding hairdos or the best destination wedding dresses) and providing appropriate link backs to their available product offerings. In a word, this blog is baller.

Umm… and one/two more reasons to get obsessed. 

RN, you can enter to win a wedding dress by SWF Designer, Angellure. There are 12 dresses that the winner can choose from. To enter, simply visit their homepage and click the link to enter the contest! Plus, until April 7th, they have a 10% off site-wide sale going on… this applies to EVERY product on the website. Yes, every one. Shop She Wore Flowers now! Use code SWFSPRINGSALE10 for that 10p! 


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We partnered with She Wore Flowers to give brides ALL the reasons to shop this killer new marketplace. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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