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The New Deborah Selleck Couture RTW Collection Is Too Cool

The New Deborah Selleck Couture RTW Collection Is Too Cool

We’ve said before that some new bridal collections come around and just bulldoze the rest of them (we really love them all, but we gotta give credit where credit is due): whether it’s because they unveiled a completely novel nuptials colorway, or because they’ve just continued to redefine the modern day bride look. And OMG, Deborah Selleck Couture has us totally smitten with its ready-to-wear range of coordinates, aptly called “The Dreamweaver Collection.”

Think about that superlative for just a sec, dreamweaver, a spirited soul who can do anything in her dreams. We’re all dreamweavers, truthfully; I mean, I am 100p daring in my dreams, but when it comes to real life, I don’t always take chances. A bride’s wedding day isn’t exactly the time to take crazy leaps when it comes to her look, but then again, if you live by YOLO, then why wouldn’t you want to step out of the box and embrace an epic ensem, wherein your photos will legit make you feel like a 1960s icon? 

In other words, brides who let their dreams take them any/everywhere, these dresses were designed for you. 

The New Deborah Selleck Couture RTW Collection Is Too Cool

Aussies do it best.

Pretty sure we’ve mentioned this too many times to count, but the Australian aisle style scene is out of control. In the best way possible. And Deborah Selleck Couture has been making magic in Melbourne for the last 22 years (so, she’s got quite the veteran status). Since 1997, Deborah has been bringing her client's dream dresses to life, creating and crafting custom designs made to measure, to reflect each client's personality and style. Each garment is lovingly crafted in Melbourne by her talented team, using only the highest quality fabrications and trims. Imported silks, sheer laces, tulles, hand-crafted embellishments and Swarovski crystals are showcased in the collection, and Deb's style is fashion forward, innovative and unique. Fitted silhouettes with corsetry ensure figure flattery and all day comfort, and yes, you’ve heard the phrasing used before, but for real, Deb's designs fit like a second skin.

When expectations and reality are one in the same.

It’s not very often that you’ll see a dress in photos or on a model, buy it, and be shockingly surprised that your expectations match up with your reality. But when you opt for a designer who makes it a mission for her brides to find their confident, slaying inner selves, then you’ll get to that place - we promise!!

Deborah says “The greatest satisfaction I derive from my work is seeing brides find their inner beauty. When they stand before their reflection in the mirror, I want them to see a beautiful woman, in love.”

When they see and feel like a beautiful woman, in love, nothing else matters! Right?!?

The New Deborah Selleck Couture RTW Collection Is Too Cool

The scoop on the styles.

The exciting new ready-to-wear range of coordinates - headlining The Dreamweaver Collection - is launching and will be available for purchase online, beginning on Monday, May 20th. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to delight each bride mixing and matching luxury coordinates to create a look that is uniquely her. The dresses feature on-trend feather and beaded embellishments, and everything vibes together to “make every day feel like a playful dream.” Really, take a look and see if you can avoid an inevitable dream sequence…. Because we sure as hell couldn’t do it.

And once you wake up, feeling all inspired, make sure you head to her site to shop everything.


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