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Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs

In this new world we’re living in, social distancing has become our one and only mode. We’ve stopped going to the mall, the movies, we’ve given up manicures and margaritas, and adjusted to a completely unparalleled synchronization of work and home lifestyles, all in the name of safety and protection for ourselves and the impossibly brave men and women who are putting their own lives on the line to bring this virus to a swift end. Don’t get us wrong, it’s been a scary, uncertain course change, but one that is absolutely bringing perspective with it - and, hopefully, by the end of this nightmare, we’ll all emerge with a renewed appreciation for our loved ones, a better grasp of the ‘big picture’ things in our lives, and a more grounded and confident resolve with ourselves. For the brides among us, those who may have just dipped their toes in the ‘wedding planning’ water when the outbreak began, or those who have gotten engaged over the last month in a more-than-exciting kind of🖕to the coronavirus, #loveisnotcancelled, happier times will happen again. And Maggie Sottero will be there to help make dress dreams come true when you are ready to find the one! With social distancing in mind, many of Maggie Sottero's retailers have come up with some creative ways brides-to-be can still shop for their dream wedding gown.

Right before the craziness began to ensue, we had one of our own bride-to-be friends, Morgan, go shopping at a local, Maggie Sottero-loving bridal salon here in Boise. And she got the entire Maggie experience as she looked for ‘the one.’ Long story short, she found her gown, but just as importantly, she learned some valuable things about what to keep in mind when you’re going shopping for the dress you’ll wear at your wedding.

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs

Things that we hope will be useful when you plan your own shopping trips. Sooner than later, pleaseeee universe 🤞🤞🤞?!?!!

Arrive all glammed up.

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs Gown:

Yes, hair and makeup - make it happen! If you’ve been using your down time during quarantine to research people/vendors for your ‘I Do’ dream team, then think about scheduling a hair+makeup trial with your h+m hopeful. And show up to your appointment with the look you want to fittingly face off with your fashion. You’ll really be able to envision how this top-to-bottom ensemble will look on your wedding day. Plus, this is definitely one of those days where it’s permissible, errr encouraged to throw down that ‘I’m the bride’ card and - say it with us - treat yoselfffff!

Leave the extras at home.

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs Gown:

We’re talking about inanimate objects right now, not people (we’ll get there). You don’t have to stress about the shoes you’ll be wearing yet OR pack any undergarments for what you think you’ll be trying on. Bridal boutiques have pedestals to give you the lift and height you need to start seeing yourself 'as the bride.’ You’ll get alterations later anyway. And as for what goes underneath your gown, you’ll get there; for now, all Maggie gowns come with built-in padding and support to make all your curves look great and your nerves down to nothing. Once you decide on your dress, you’ll have plenty of time to work with your consultant and your seamstress to strategize the shapewear and/or lingerie situation.

Trust your consultant.

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs Gown:

This is huuuuuge, even if you’ve never let anyone else style you before. The consultants who work in bridal absolutely LOVE what they do everyday - and they know their merchandise, their magical, once-in-a-lifetime, has-to-be-perfect merchandise from the top to the bottom, bottom to the top. Whoever you’re paired with at your appointment has done the preliminary digging to figure out a look you’ll love, they know the dresses that will flatter your figure like no other, and their ability to read the room is impeccable - so, if you’re having anxiety or feeling frustrated, unsure, or straight up pissed off at one of your accompanying people for trying to hijack the appointment, etc. they’ll be able to detect and connect [with you]. Especially at salons like LaNeige Bridal, where we went, these women are experts on the designers they carry, and they can spot a Maggie bride from a mile away. No doubt, they’ll be able to pull the most on-point selection for you. Without putting on the pressure, just following your cues.

Practice social distancing.

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs Gown:

Yep. All that practice will help you out here, because, truthfully, you should only be bringing along your biggest cheerleader(s). The most honest, influential (in a good way), and mood-lifting VIPs in your life who you feel your best around / and not who you need to prove anything to. Score cards or emoji props with thumbs up or thumbs down / happy or sad faces just don’t belong here. It only leads to self-doubt and upset, and tears after everything the world has been through since the start of 2020 just aren’t the mood that a Maggie bride needs. Okay, maybe just happy tears!

Seriously, though, even if you only bring one person along for the ride, it’s okay - you want your champions there. There doesn’t have to be more than one!

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs

The silver lining during this stressful season?

Rules for Wedding Gown Shopping From Maggie Sottero Designs

More time. Before you plan your visit, go online: do some research, double click some pictures, and explore the silhouettes that you think you’ll love, think you’ll hate, and the ones that you think could surprise you. This way, you can have some direction going into your dress appointment and be able to give your consultant - the enchantress that she is - inspiration to lock in a look that’ll have you 😍.

Oh! And follow through on the Maggie Sottero Find Your Style quiz. If you’re interested in its findings, then go get that dress! Morgan did!! ➡️ FIND A STORE NEARBY NOW!



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We partnered with Maggie Sottero to give brides some helpful hints when they go out shopping for the one (hopefully sooner than later!). As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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