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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You

It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You

Not going to lie, we’re still obsessed with Disney’s “Encanto” and everything that the movie and its characters stand for. And one of the songs — although all of them are 🔥— “All Of You” really hits home on something we’ve been big believers in from day one. The lyrics follow that “The miracle is not some magic that you've got; The miracle is you, not some gift, just you; The miracle is you (all of you, all of you).” It perfectly embodies our thoughts on brides. That brides don’t wow because they’re in a pretty dress or glammed up AF. They don’t wow because they’re a vision in white among a bevy of beautiful besties. They wow, because they’re who they are: Stunning, shining, and sensational on the most special of days. The miracle of a bride is not in their aesthetics, it’s not in the gifts they get that day, it’s not even in the magic that completely encapsulates the day — it’s easily, and unapologetically in their being. And KALA KALA Bridal understood the assignment when the brand started minting dresses that let brides wow simply by being themselves. 

These dresses bring out your best 

It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You

KALA KALA is an international atelier created for brides who want to remain authentic and true to themselves on their wedding day, as much as they do on any other day. These confident and emboldened brides don’t compromise on being striking and exceptional; they also don’t bet on fashion — especially wedding fashion — unless it’s both flattering and comfortable, a look that makes their true charm and beguiling beauty shine through. The team at KALA KALA never subscribes to the idea that beauty is found in an overdone, overpriced look, in a tight dress that’s hard to move in, or in endless trails, trains, and overall haute couture hyperbole. Rather, they cling to the certainty that beauty is found in you, in who you are, and in the strong presence and energy that flows from you when you honor yourself (flaws and all) and simply feel comfortable. And so, they want you to have a dress that allows you to dance until dawn, hug your loved ones tight, indulge in the perfect food you hand-selected for your wedding reception, and even go to the restroom without needing an entire entourage to help you get out of your dress safely.

What does that mean for the dress? Well, it needs to be the perfect fit for your size, for your beautiful body, and for your unique and playful soul. And with a KALA KALA dress, it will be, because the dresses are ready-to-wear by size. The brand has significant experience with ready-made dresses and, over the years, they’ve designed their silhouettes to fit any body type, precisely. Wherever you live and wherever you’re from, you can find your twin flame (and we mean that with respect to the fashion) with KALA KALA. The dresses are effortless, but the feels you get when you slip them on are all kinds of glamorous. 

It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You

The lifeblood of the brand, which has become a home for every and all edgy brides out there, is divinely captured in Atticus’ saying: Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.

OMG who wouldn’t feel comfortable in something like this?

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It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You

A dress worthy of its bride and never the other way around

“Fantastic to deal with. My size was showing up as unavailable so I privately messaged my request and they sourced enough material to make the dress I wanted. Very specific measuring instructions were sent through to me which I followed carefully. And 3 weeks later my dress came and it fits like a glove. I’m so excited 😍😍 Thank you KALA KALA Bridal”

It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You

yes, It’s You that Wows, But So Does This Discount

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It’s Not the Wedding Dress That Wins All the Wows, It’s You


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