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It’s Always a Family Affair At Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe – And We’re Here for It!

This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides

There are lots of reasons why brides fall in love with their wedding dresses, but I’ll be honest, for me, I probably loved the boutique I got my dress from and my overall shopping experience even more than the aisle style itself. Yes, the design was beautiful, trend-forward, and satisfyingly shocking to all of my friends and family (who had assumed I’d walk down the aisle in a ball gown, but who were surprised when that didn’t happen), but it meant that much more to me because the team who helped me find it was #everything. That’s exactly what brides have loved about Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe for the last 47 years, and what will continue being loved for the next 47 to come.

Something old + Something new = Something absolutely stunning for your "I dos" 

Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe is a family-run business celebrating nearly 50 years of helping brides-to-be find the dresses of their dreams. Located in Jenkintown, PA (in Montgomery County, just 10 miles north of center city Philadelphia), the shop curates an exceptional selection of couture wedding gowns by some of the most sought-after bridal designers and provocative, up-and-coming talents. Their approach is suite-style, where they'll work individually with each of their customers, in their own bridal rooms, to fulfill every wish and whim of their wedding day dream visage. Brides, you are never limited here, and their in-house seamstresses (including Nicole herself, who opened the shop way back when and still works closely with brides today) see to it that you have the look you most desire. Alterations and modifications aren’t begrudged, either, in fact, they’re welcomed—because it means that you’re asking for tailoring to make it your gown, not just a gown.

Nicole and her daughter, Marina, have grown and groomed the business for decades, and recently brought in a new partner to continue Nicole's quality customer care and personalized experiences legacy. With a background in dressmaking and experience in the fashion industry via corporate design and merchandising roles, Maria is the perfect addition to the Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe family. She works tirelessly to provide her brides with a knowledgeable, fun, and special experience shopping for the most important gowns of their lives. 

This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides

Here’s what we love about the shop, though...

This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides

Going back to what I originally said about the magic of finding your dress in a place that feels like home (but, you know, with bespoke couture all around you), behind the scenes at Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe there is an ongoing familial thread. Mother-daughter duo, Nicole and Marina, have laid the groundwork for years, offering brides support that only mothers and sisters could provide.  And there is something so comforting and safe about that, right? Especially if you're going shopping with your own mother or maternal figure (mother-in-law, godmother, step-mother, aunt, etc.) or sister. Nicole once mentioned that she “Gains hundreds of new daughters every year,” and we can’t help but 😭😭😭over that very genuine and heartfelt sentiment. 

All you need to do is take a peek at the shop’s Instagram feed to see all the brides the Nicole's team has dressed for their best days ever. Almost all of the real wedding photos they feature come with captions that allude to how amazing their experiences at Nicole’s were. And that says so much, especially since newlyweds have so many things to-do post-their ‘I dos,’ like taking their honeymoon (hopefully), writing their thank you notes to guests, etc.

But please, peep what’s written beside this charming carousel

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And the fashion is straight-up fierce

Nicole’s specializes in unique and incredible, elevated-quality designers, and just a few weeks ago, the shop welcomed designer Andrea Sedici into their impressive assortment of gowns. All the way from Pescara, Italy, Andrea Sedici’s romantic and infinitely-feminine silhouettes carry with them an approach to couture that hasn’t yet been seen in the United States. Each gown is handmade, stitch by stitch, at his atelier in Italy, so, you can be sure your head-to-toe look is both sensational and storied. 

This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides

This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides

This Mother-Daughter Team Has Just the Right Touch With Brides

Find your special, unique dream dress this year at Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe in Jenkintown, PA.

And fall in love with a team that takes family ties really seriously 

While Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe has a fresh new guard, its original purveyor of aisle style, Nicole, still works at the shop doing all of the alterations, and Maria aligns with Marina on a lot of the business and existing relationships with brides. Maria's own parents have also been working alongside Nicole and Maria as they keep evolving the business together. The bridal shop that brings families together, stays together. 100 percent.

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