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How to Style an After-Wedding Shoot Around a Motorcycle

Romantic after-wedding portrait session

While some couples like to include their pets in the wedding photos, this next couple wanted to devote their after-wedding shoot to their shared true love, a vintage berry red Triumph motorcycle named Scarlet.

It's a love story like you've never seen before, and we’re loving how stylish and sexy it turned out. The bride looked gorgeous in her vintage Betsy Couture wedding gown with a detachable skirt and fiery red heels, and how 'bout the grooms blue checkered Topman suit?! Lovee! See all the highlights below and in the full gallery from Dan Bushkin Photography.

Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown

Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown with detachable skirt Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown

their shared love for scarlet

From Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gowns: This shoot was styled at the couple’s request, and shot separately from their big day, to highlight them, their personal choices, their love for each other, and their love for Scarlet. This couple has a long history with their beloved Scarlet, so when planning their elopement, it was a given that Scarlet would have a special place in their celebration. Scarlet, of course, is their bike! The entire day was staged around her vintage vibe, her classic curves, and her bold berry color.

Jewel-toned wedding bouquet

sexy after-wedding shoot Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown

Dramatic after-wedding shoot

Love wedding portrait Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown

Yes, that's a detachable skirt!

But the gown…..yes, the gown! The gown had to be as classic, curvaceous, and as vintage as the bike. It needed to be sleek, stylish, retro, and have a hip, modern feel to it. The bride wanted a gown that would wow her groom as well as her guests, and also be comfortable in it atop Scarlet. So, this oversize, extra-long Italian tulle skirt was made to zip away, so they could zip away! (ha-ha)

Stylish after-wedding shoot of the bride and groom

Stylish after-wedding shoot

Sexy after-wedding shoot for the bride and groom

Couture after wedding shoot Bride and groom after wedding shoot

Classic style

The grooms’ Topman suit was eye-catching next to his bike. The bouquet, as well as the bride’s shoes, was also a classic fit for Scarlet! The five-carat Australian opal ring, mink wrap, his bolo, and fedoras were all family heirlooms that brought Scarlet's vintage class out front and center.

Vintage couture wedding shoot After-wedding shoot

Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gown

Budget Breakdown

 Photography: $2800
Designer Wedding Gown: $8500
Flowers: $225
Brides Shoes: $250
Topman Suit: $500

Total~ $12,275

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