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How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

OMG, since we’re in the height of awards/red carpet season, we’ve been thinking HARD about the experience A-listers have when they’re getting ready for some of the biggest nights of their lives. Not only do they have a pretty unlimited closet of designer couture to choose from, they have curated style direction from greats like Samantha McMillen, Elizabeth Saltzman, Petra Flannery, AND when they do want or need something tweaked to match their precise vision of perfection, they can have it. Because what designer doesn’t want to have the best chance possible at that coveted best-dressed list? But for modern brides, who might not have stacks on stacks on stacks at their disposal, financing the future fairytale wedding dress of their dreams isn’t easy stuff. That’s where Blue Tag Bridal comes in. The North Little Rock, AR online atelier was founded by a husband and wife team who wanted to flip the switch on the traditional wedding gown shopping experience. They have, and we obvi needed to tell you about it.

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

That Hollywood kind of hookup.

Here’s what happens: they offer at-home try-ons and once you’ve narrowed your look down to one that you love, then they'll custom make your desired dress to your exact measurements. Exact measurements, brides, that means that their bridal wear will fit every body type, flawlessly. Oh! And if you wish, you can also design your dream dress one-on-one with one of their designers. This service is usually only provided by famous designers for famous starlets, but Blue Tag Bridal makes it available to all brides, at an exceptional price.

From the comfort of your own home.

Another one of those celebrity creature comforts is the luxury of being able to get dressed up and styled in the place(s) they feel most comfortable: their homes. People come to them! But for non-celeb brides, the shopping situation is sooo much less intimate and anxiety-alleviating. They shared with us that “the most annoying thing we faced while shopping for the wedding dress is that most of the stores don’t even have a comfortable or private fitting area, so you have to share the attention with other brides. In short, the process of buying a wedding dress is totally impersonal and rushed, because you only have about 2 hours to try on.”

Anyone else experience that once they started shopping? Because I def did! 🙋🏻

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

So, here’s how BTB steps in:
  1. You choose three dresses to try on (from the comfort of your own home). The ones that you can’t stop thinking about.
  2. You unbox your dresses and document it with your bride crew. Really, it’s a whole thing, and it’s something that you can’t possibly do on your own. So, open your gowns, get all pretty, and then share the amazing moment with them by tagging #bluetagbride(s) before mailing the samples back.
  3. You place your order for the one that has you obsessed. Congrats, lady!! You’ve locked in your look -- YAAAS -- now you go to their website to customize the design and buy! Oh! And if you place the order before you return the samples, you’ll get 5 percent off your order. Something to remember…
  4. You own your bride status, which of course means extra attention. Pay a visit to your local tailor/seamstress for your unique measurements and talk to BTB’s stylists if you want to make any particular changes on the dress.

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

And the reasons we really know that Blue Tag Bridal is legit.
  • When it comes to quality, they buy fabrics from the same factories that sell to other renowned designers like Paolo Sebastian and Galia Lahav… just two of our FAVORITE names in the game.

  • Their sample gowns are designed to fit any size from 0 to 12 and plus-size offerings are also available on many samples.

  • Every try on box is bundled with one veil and hair accessory completely free of charge. You don’t need to go in store to get ‘jacked up.’ Just have your girls do it!

  • There are two collections to pull from - both designed for customers who care about fashion and who dare to be different.

Blush Collection

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

Starting at $1000, Blush represents a new and modern trend taking on waves of tulle, sparkle embroideries and extravagant silhouettes. For the budget-minded bride, with a minimalistic and romantic look.

Signature Blue Collection

How to Get In On a Celeb Dress Experience for $3K or Less

Starting at $1500, Signature Blue draws inspiration from the royalties. Signature Blue is for brides who are looking for an ever-more unique dress on their big day. Sophisticated floral applique, lavish lace, luxurious silk, and beautiful Swarovski crystals will catch the light trickling from the eyes of loved ones. 

We'd do it for the sketch alone... kidding!

Sounds pretty star-studded, right? Well, sign up now to get 10 percent off your final gown + use code “WCFEB15” for ONE FREE dress to try on (you can have up to three, valued at $40 each). And if you ask us, any place that can complete that celeb-worthy experience with personalized fashion sketches of your wedding gown ((to keep and cherish forever - at home or on your desk at work… because that’s where mine would have gone)), gets ALL the 🙌🙌🙌. 



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We partnered with Blue Tag Bridal to share the deets on this amazing "something just for you" experience. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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