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16 Of The Most Amazing Modern Wedding Dresses We Have Seen

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Galia Lahav is thrilled to present the Spring 2025 GALA Collection Symphony, a breathtaking fusion of romance and modern elegance. Inspired by the enchanting imagery of a flower unfurling its petals in a symphony of slow motion, designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever have crafted a collection that celebrates the quiet poetry of growth amidst a backdrop of light powder pink blossoms.

The Symphony Gala Collection captures the essence of nature's orchestration, presenting a kaleidoscope of hues that harmonize to create a crescendo of life. Each gown within the collection is a testament to the delicate beauty of this imagery, with intricate detailing and meticulous craftsmanship elevating every design to a work of art.

"We were captivated by the imagery of a flower blooming in slow motion, and we sought to translate that ethereal beauty into our Spring 2025 GALA Collection," says Sharon Sever. "This collection is a celebration of growth, romance, and the elegance of nature's symphony."

Drawing from this inspiration, the Symphony GALA Collection features a stunning array of gowns in soft, powdery hues, reminiscent of light pink blossoms. Each design showcases modern grace & femininity while retaining a sense of romance, making it perfect for the bride who seeks both sophistication and whimsy on her special day.

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Silhouettes range from floral A-line gowns with voluminous skirts to form-fitting mermaid styles that accentuate curves. Whether the bride envisions herself as a modern-day princess in a voluminous ballgown or prefers the sleek sophistication of an ideal shapely look, the Symphony GALA Collection offers something for every bride's unique style and vision. With its utterly romantic allure, this collection is poised to captivate brides around the world.

Let's dive in to our top 16 favorite new gowns:

1. Eleina


Step into a world where elegance waltzes with enchantment in this A-line masterpiece, twinkling with the magic of beaded netting. Each pearl and silver bead is a whisper of dreams woven into the fabric, crafting a symphony of shimmer that dances with every step. The sheer corset, a daring whisper of allure, plays peek-a-boo with romance, while graceful draping swirls around you like the most delicate of embraces.

And then, there’s the skirt—a daring high-slit masterpiece brushed with a subtle blush undertone, striding boldly into modern sophistication yet flirting with timeless charm. It's not just a gown; it's a journey to where sophistication meets whimsy, and every twirl is a tale of elegance unfurling. Welcome to your fairy tale moment, cloaked in pearls, silver whispers, and the blush of dawn.

2. Yo-Yo


Transform your walk down the aisle into a runway-worthy moment with an enchanting A-line gown. This isn't just any dress; it's a fashion-forward masterpiece that marries the timeless elegance of a satin skirt with the daring charm of a sheer, beaded lace corset, cleverly designed to mimic the allure of a chic bralette. But wait, there's a twist - a flirtatious high slit that adds a dash of modern allure, ensuring every step you take is a captivating dance of grace and seduction. Embrace this blend of luxurious simplicity and enchanting sophistication, and let your bridal style soar to new heights of fabulous.


3. Sun


This enchanting A-line gown, where fairy tales and high fashion hold hands. At its heart, a sparkly nude undertone shimmers like morning dew under the first light, wrapped in a tapestry of intricate vintage floral lace that whispers tales of timeless romance. The silhouette blossoms with a sheer, pointed corset, sculpting a vision of modern elegance and mystique. Playfully poised, chic mini balloon sleeves flutter off the shoulder, casting enchanting shadows and bringing a touch of whimsy. This ensemble is more than just a dress; it's a high-fashion moment wrapped in refinement, inviting you to twirl into your very own storybook ending.

4. Bold

bold-f bold-b

This two-piece A-line ensemble is a love letter to those who adore a blend of classic charm and modern whimsy. The star? An elongated crepe corset top that hugs your form with the grace of a prima ballerina, adorned with a silk sash that cascades into a dramatic bow - a flirtatious nod to sophistication itself. Now, let your imagination twirl with the sheer, multi-layered tulle skirt, a masterpiece that pirouettes between contemporary flair and timeless grace. Together, they craft a look that's not just a fashion statement, but a playful embrace of elegance reimagined.

5. Lyric


6. Rachel

rachel-f rachel-fb2

This enchanting A-line gown, crafted from delightfully oversized geometric lace that dances with innovation. It's paired to perfection with a playful capelet bolero, whose flared sleeves add a flourish of magic. This captivating ensemble is brilliantly set against a nude tulle skirt, where the striking patterns play peek-a-boo, adding layers of sophistication and a dash of dimensional delight.

7. Rebel


Picture yourself draped in a fabric woven from the very essence of fantasy, where each step you take glistens with the shimmer of sparkly geometrically patterned beaded lace, reminiscent of the most magical undersea treasures.

The gown's silhouette is a love letter to allure itself, sculpting your form with its enchanting fitted sleeves and elegantly daring low plunge V-neckline. As if conjured from the dreams of sirens, the low open back draws the eye, promising whispers of mystery and enchantment.

But the true magic lies in the opulent adornment of crystal fringes that cascade like waterfalls of light, dancing with every movement, reflecting the splendor of the ocean's depths. This gown isn't just an outfit; it's a journey into a realm of glamour and opulence, where every step you take is a ripple across the surface of a moonlit sea, leaving those in your wake utterly spellbound.

8. Mojo

mojo-mfb mojo-mb

Slip into something that screams "underwater royalty meets disco ball chic" with this stunning mermaid gown! It's like wearing a snug, sparkly hug that turns every hallway into a runway. Picture yourself draped in geometric-patterned lace, so intricately beaded you'll leave a trail of dazzle and maybe a few envious glares.

Now, let’s talk drama - the back! Imagine a sheer corset that whispers sweet nothings to your curves, jazzed up with beaded necklines that catch the light as you sashay away.

And for the pièce de résistance, behold the sheer tulle bolero. It's not just any shoulder shrug; it's an empire-length declaration of fabulousness, frosted with tulle ruffles and sporting a high neck for that "I’m modern, I’m glamorous, and I might just be royalty" vibe.

9. Heidy


Step into a fairytale with this satin dream of a ball gown! Draped just so at the top and flirting with an off-the-shoulder caress that playfully frames the back, it's a twirl-worthy classic. Elegance meets whimsy in this gown, sculpting a silhouette that's all grace and giggles.

10. Wonder


How perfect is this trumpet gown? With a corset top that whispers sweet nothings to your curves and a sweetheart neckline to steal hearts, this gown is a love letter to elegance. The off-the-shoulder tie-up bows are the flirtatious winks in this sartorial romance, while the voluminous sheer skirt dances around you like a love-struck breeze. Crafted from embroidered lace kissed by an organic leaf pattern, this gown isn’t just a dress; it’s a garden of enchantment ready to envelop you in its magic. Let every moment in it be a fairy tale come to life, where you are the undeniable star.

11. Icon


Imagine yourself in a masterpiece that hugs your silhouette gracefully, while a mesmerizing sheer corset back plays peek-a-boo, adding an element of surprise and allure. Now, let's sprinkle some magic over it! The gown is completely enveloped in a spellbinding tapestry of intricate embroidery, where each stitch tells a tale of beauty and sophistication.

12. Archie


Transformed into a vision of joy and splendor, this gown is like a dance of satin under the moonlight, its fabric flowing with a matte radiance that whispers elegance. The neckline, a masterpiece of folds and drapes, frames the face with an air of sophisticated grace. At its heart, a pointed waistline seam artfully cinches, sculpting a silhouette that speaks of timeless beauty and refinement. This isn't just a dress; it's a celebration of classic elegance, reimagined with a touch of magic and happiness, ready to make every moment unforgettable.

13. Bonny


Twirl into the moonlight with this whimsically charming A-line gown, where fairytales and fashion collide. A cheeky high slit promises adventures unknown, while the gown's tulle whispers and swishes, alive with sparkled appliqués that wink and shimmer, teasing the night. This isn't just chic; it's enchantment stitched into every twirl, making every moment a sparkle-soaked memory.

14. Breeze


This masterpiece features an awe-inspiring laser-cut 3D lace leaf pattern, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of nature with a modern twist. Daring cut-outs weave a tale of elegance and allure, while a striking nude undertone sets the stage for the lace's mesmerizing dance. This gown is not just an outfit; it's a statement of beauty and innovation, designed to captivate and celebrate the silhouette in every move.

15. Yael


Stunning mermaid gown tailored to hug the figure beautifully, featuring a lengthening front seam and a bold, high slit. Enhance the ensemble with a cutting-edge bolero top designed with an off-the-shoulder silhouette, neatly structured with a fitted band, and finished with elegant gloved sleeves.

16. Peachy

peachy-f peachy-b

Dive into a fairytale with this enchantingly feminine mermaid gown that hugs your curves like it's in love. It features a daringly deep V-neckline and a back so open, it's almost a whisper. Crafted from the most delicate blush floral 3D lace that dreams are made of. A whisper-soft cathedral-length tulle overskirt that ties gracefully at your side with a blush silk flower, handmade with fairy wishes.


Galia Lahav's Spring 2025 GALA Collection invites brides to step into a world where every gown is a representation of the beauty of nature. With this collection, Galia Lahav continues to redefine bridal fashion, offering brides a chance to become the embodiment of elegance, romance, and everlasting beauty.

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