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Black Wedding Dresses Are Coming Back In a Big Way This Year

Black Wedding Dresses Are Coming Back In a Big Way This Year

Okay, so please don’t take what I’m going to say next to totally kill our credibility as a rockstar wedding resource - but wow, we haven’t covered black wedding dresses in a LONG time (even our Halloween-style boudoir shoot was a few years back WHAT?!). That’s why we were suuuper amped to hear from Cocomelody about their brand-new collection for the 2021 wedding season: replete with some of the prettiest and fiercest black wedding dresses we’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever thought of wearing something dark and moody down the aisle, this one’s for you!

In business for 15 years and things are only looking up from here on out

Cocomelody is an international omni-channel retailer comprising online sales channels and offline ones. They also have an amazing try-at-home service, which is perfect for recently-engaged brides who want to get their dress journeys started, but might like to do it in a more intimate and personal way first. “We are proud of our role in making wedding dreams come true for brides for the last 15 years (and some). We believe that every bride deserves a gorgeous dress to wear on her big day, no matter how big or small her budget is, no matter what size she is! Dresses from Cocomelody are sold in over 100 countries and have fulfilled the needs of more than 100,000 brides across the globe. And we look forward to helping more and more brides find their dream dresses without breaking the bank!” 

Black Wedding Dresses Are Coming Back In a Big Way This Year

So, with coco in the name, it makes sense that they’d do dark dresses serious justice, right?

Yep, pretty much! But before we get into the details of their noir gowns for nuptials, we wanted to point out exactly what we love about a black dress - especially in the year 2021.

It says... 

“this is my day, so if you have something to say, please don’t.”

Black Wedding Dresses Are Coming Back In a Big Way This Year

2020 did a lot of unfortunate things to a lot of weddings, but one of the blessings to come out of a wholly wiped out year is the fact that there are truly no more rules when it comes to weddings. Like, none. And we’d consider wearing a black wedding dress to be one of the boldest ways to get married in 2021. To us, it kind of symbolizes putting last year in the past and rising from the ashes. Beautiful, brave, and unabashedly badass.

Royal more than a white dress ever could.

Looking at these gothic-style gowns, we can’t help but feel like they’re all very queen-like. Not princessy, either, but queen-like. Strong, sophisticated, more mature, a whole lot more regal, almost even witchy in the same breath: like when you’re wearing one, you put your partner (as well as your guests) under a spell. Every style handles a crown or a tiara perfectly.

Find a more flattering hue... we'll wait. 

Black Wedding Dresses Are Coming Back In a Big Way This Year

Would we be in a class all our own if we said that we were ready to see the wedding script get flipped a little bit? Of course, white has always been the color code of choice for brides, but let’s think for a minute what things would be like if black became the palette that all brides-to-be embraced. LBDs for all the pre-wedding events (engagement party, shower, bachelorette, rehearsal, etc.) and an LBG (long black gown) for the wedding. We can already tell that brides would feel a whole lot less self conscious and these Cocomelody gowns are 🔥, pure flawlessness for every figure.

Not to mention, if a black look from head to toe is still a little too intense for you, you can go with something that blends black and white in a sort of edgy elegance. And if a black dress just isn't your vibe, you can find something stunning in the wider-scale 2021 collection - from brand new laces and jaw-dropping silhouettes, to romantic boho styles and myriad magical capes. 

Get your black dress at 10 percent off

Shop now and use the promo code “WEDDINGCHICKS” at checkout for 10 percent off - note, the code is not valid for price different links or try-at-home samples.

Black Wedding Dresses Are Coming Back In a Big Way This Year


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We partnered with Cocomelody to share some of our favorite gowns for the new year. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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