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Quiz: We Can Make a Pretty Great Guess About Your Wedding Dress

LBH, one of the best parts of getting engaged is quickly following it up with a dress shopping trip. Even if you’re not deciding on “the one” for a little while, every bride’s gotta get her window shopping and Insta stalking on for at least a few months. Some soon-to-be-Mrs. know what they want for their gown way before their guy or girl gets down on one knee, while others go back and forth about what they want to wear and can easily fall victim to the whims of their well-wishers - be it their mama, sister, bestie, or bridesmaids. At the end of the day, landing on a dress that makes you feel like the best ever version of yourself is endgame, so any help to get you there, well, we’re behind it. Cue this quiz we thoughtfully masterminded with Maggie Sottero Designs… 

Have fun with it, answer the questions with the same zest and zeal you had as a tweenager, and at the end, see where your heart steers you. Whether it’s to a dress design you’ve always had in mind or a silhouette that’s completely unexpected, sometimes a little guided quizzing is just what you need to go all in on the gown.

No matter what, anything you choose from Maggie Sottero is going to be 💣, so keep an open mind and don’t close the door on any dresses you once deemed ‘great for her, but not for me.’

… We’re just not going to tolerate that kind of thinking, because you can rock anything. Follow through on the quiz and if you’re interested in its findings, then go get that dress! ➡️ FIND A STORE NEARBY NOW!