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Paris Hilton Is Getting All Kinds of Offers for Her Weddings

When you’re an infamous celebutante and heiress, there’s not much you need to do to plan a wedding of your dreams. When you’re Paris Hilton, long-time bachelorette and inheritor to the Hilton hotel fortune, there’s not much you need to do to have THREE weddings of your dreams. Everyone just comes running to implore you to consider exchanging vows at their venue. And just like that, we are jealous.

According to Page Six, resorts are dyingggg to host Paris and Chris’s upcoming nuptials, and have been putting in their bids to win over the bride ever since she let on that she wanted several celebrations, not just one. The source gushed to the gossip column that “she has so many friends around the world and doesn’t think they can fit all into one wedding. She is getting calls from tons of wedding planners and resorts in the Maldives, Bora Bora, Fiji, Tulum, Ibiza and Hawaii.” Wow, what a problem to have, right?

Paris plans to have a black-tie wedding in her Los Angeles stomping grounds (did The Ebell come calling?! Rachel Lindsay and Wedspire will be there this weekend!), complete with a red carpet and epic entertainment, followed by weddings in Europe and the tropics, which she says will be “more casual,” but who are we kidding, she has a 20-carat engagement ring. When you have a rock that big on your finger, casual doesn’t quite cut it.

In any case, while we def can’t help being super envious of this pair’s impending big day(s), we obvi understand why she wants to keep the party going. You know, with the crazy amount of friends she has, of course she’d need adequate time to eat, drink and be merry with them all. Including her old assistant and bestie, Kim K and her hubs.

Other reasons to have a handful of parties

  1. You and your fiancé have family overseas or perhaps you met while studying abroad, and you want the friends you made while you were attending school to witness your wedding.

  2. You’re ready to wed now, but want to give yourself some time to build out your budget before saying “I Do.” So, you might have an intimate civil ceremony, surrounded by just a few of your close friends and fam, and then save the date for a bigger party later.

  3. If your families differ religiously or culturally, it might make sense to host two separate weddings in order to appease both sides.

  4. Like Paris, you might just have a lottttt of money to burn, and if you want a few fetes, each with their own vibe, then do it up! Just don’t expect all of your guests to be able to drop everything in support of your sundry soirees. Somebody’s gotta work!

Who knows where C and P will become man and wife, but as we wait, we figured we could have fun figuring out what the future holds! These places and weddings in the Maldives, Bora Bora, Fiji, Tulum, Ibiza and Hawaii are INSANE!!!

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